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Illuminations with the Archangels - Archangel Gabriel and Hope

Welcome my precious friends and family to The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network. I would like start by thanking you all for your support and Love both personally and in our collective Light Work.

 As most of you know through my sharing’s, my sons, Caelin and Ben, now four and six respectively, were abducted by my ex-husband in August last year, and taken to Portugal without my consent or knowledge. Following the High Court ruling in Cape Town in December 2012 that this was a Hague Convention case, the High Court ruled that the children must be returned to South Africa. However, there were complications in my case due to a “financial agreement” I signed with my ex-husband prior to the abduction, and although the National Central Authorities in both South Africa and Portugal put forward my case to the Family Court in Portugal as a Hague case, requesting the return of my children to South Africa, the Portuguese Court ruled in favor of my ex-husband, stating that he had the legal right to take the children due to this financial agreement. We are appealing this decision, and I have no further news on this at this time. Additionally, in May the Portuguese court ordered that my ex-husband allow me to speak to the boys on Skype twice a week, and at this time, I have only been able to speak to my eldest son Ben via mobile about four times, for a few minutes each time. This has not gone so well due to my ex-husband telling the boys unkind and untrue things about me as to why they are now living with him and his girlfriend, and Ben repeating this to me. At this stage, I have not being able to connect with my youngest son Caelin. The boys are confused, experiencing their own issues of abandonment and separation and with the wrong messages being replayed to them, it is difficult to make a deep connection in these infrequent calls. However, all Love is infinite and eternal and as I tune in every day, enveloping them in my Love, your Love, those of friends and family and the Legions of Light from On High, I know that they feel our collective Love at a Soul level. I cannot change what has been done, and the time for connecting and healing with my beautiful boys will come.

While I have experienced a range of emotions, from heartache and pain to anger and betrayal, there is no blame, and forgiveness and Divine Love are my guiding Light, as they have always been throughout this challenge and initiation of Light. And I know too that I will get the boys back home, even though it may take some time.

One of the questions that I have been asked several times is “Why did I create this situation for myself, it we create our own reality”. The answer is simple: For my Soul’s forward evolution, and to truly be able to forgive and Love regardless of what challenges we may face as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. When we can let go of blaming others, we can come into our own Heart’s Temple and see what we need to heal within ourselves. In this lifetime, I, like many of you, have experienced abuse on many levels, physical, emotional and sexual, and part of this journey for me too, was to recognize that that there was an aspect of my consciousness still playing out the victim/persecutor role, pretty much perfected in my relationship with my ex-husband. When I was able to say to myself: “I have been abused”, and sit with this, I was able to find a deeper forgiveness of Self and forgiveness for my ex-husband. I was then able to understand too that I have also abused others, perhaps unintentionally so, and that I have further abused myself. In understanding that this was a karmic event, and that we travel through the Pathway of Karma to the Pathway of Divine Love, we are able to truly trust and surrender much deeper into the Divine Love of All Creation and to take this sacred diamond, white and golden Flame of Divine Love, imbued with the Light of our Beloved I Am Presence and Mother/Father God, into each feeling, into each aspect of ourselves needing this Love, nurturing and understanding. And to hold and nurture each one of these feelings, to no longer deny our Soul wounds, to no longer act and react through the negative ego, we are able to go much deeper into these feelings and as we do, they do shift, and Divine Love is fully experienced within the shadow aspects.

This has been an important part of my journey too. Giving voice to each sub-personality aspect of myself that needs healing and Love. To go deeper and deeper as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love Overlighted by the Legions of Light, into each layer, from shame and guilt to anger to pain and to my heartache and loss, and finally into separation, and from here, into a deeper sense of forgiveness, Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, traveling through both the karmic and Christed Timelines as they merge in this Now.

What I also found useful is traveling into the karmic past lives that I experienced with my ex-husband, and also in understanding my pre-birth agreements. For all pre-birth agreements are made in Divine Love; there is only Love at a Soul level, and in understanding this, we can understand the lessons that we choose to experience in each lifetime.  My pre-birth agreement in this lifetime with my ex-husband is as follows:

“I am taken back to this moment of these pre-birth agreements I made with my ex-husband and other Soul family. In this pre-birth agreement I have with my ex-husband we are meeting in a room with other Souls.  My ex-husband and I are talking: “I will choose this lesson”, I am saying. “I will choose to be abused and play out the victim consciousness role, as I know that this is what I am still working with on many levels and through the pain and betrayal and loss of the children that I can temporarily experience with you, I will truly experience the Divine Feminine principles and create a pathway of Light for myself and others to follow.” “It is a great lesson and you may not forgive me or I you”, my ex-husband is telling me. “I know”, I say. But we come through with not only these Soul agreements, but also with the Light of God, ever guiding us, even in our deepest moments of perceived darkness, and I know, that if we truly trust and surrender to God, that His Will will be done”. My ex-husband now says: “I Love you very much, and we have traveled so many paths together as lovers and brothers, and other lifetimes in which we have murdered and betrayed one another. And my Love for you is so great that I will choose this role of persecutor, so that I too may experience Divine Love and create a pathway for myself and others in forgiveness and compassion”. As he says this to me, I am given glimpses into the Akashic Records, and see images of these parallel realities coming up before me. Of the deep Love we have for one another in choosing to play out these respective roles. Our children appear before us now. I too have had many lifetimes with these beautiful Souls, who too are very wise and awakened. Caelin is saying: “My Love for you is so very deep, and I will accept the abandonment and betrayal I will feel when this lesson occurs. I know that all is Divinely Perfect and that we will all come together again for the Highest Good of All’. Ben now says: “I will choose this lesson of abandonment and of being a victim too, as I know this will guide me ever deeper into Divine Unconditional Love”. I now say: “Our Love is infinite and regardless of circumstances and our choices, know that we will experience Divine Love and be together again in the way that will be most appropriate to each of us at the time. Let us always hold the Flame of Divine Love within our hearts in forgiveness, understanding and compassion for one other”.

The problem is that many have forgotten that all pre-birth agreements are made in Love, or forgotten their own magnificence and Light. In the old earth energies, we played out the victim/persecutor consciousness roles on the planes of polarity, for this is how we learned best. And now, in this Golden Age of Light, we recognize our Beloved I Am Presence is center stage, ever guiding us upwards into the Light.

May we always know ourselves as these sacred Master Beings and transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. As volunteer Souls to the lower worlds, it is the integration of our humanness that we work with, to understand the full range of emotions, actions and re-actions played out on the lower worlds through free will and to be able to assist others to experience the Pathways of Divine Love. And as the veils of illusion lift, we come once more into the knowing that there is only Love, and that through forgiveness and Love, we move forward along the Pathway of Transcendence, with the knowing all is Divinely Perfect within the seemingly imperfection.

These challenges are not easy my precious friends and family, as I have experienced myself, but it is to know too that we are never given more than we can handle in any given Now moment. For when we embrace our fears, doubts, heartache and pain, we see truly our courage, our magnificence and Light, as we see this too, within all those around us. These are our initiations of Light in anchoring the Light of All Creation onto the lower worlds.

Thank you for your magnificence and preciousness.


From my Heart to Yours, to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

Blessings in Love

Anrita Melchizedek




Illuminations with the Archangels - Archangel Gabriel and Hope

Welcome, sweet ones. In this guided visualization you are working with Archangel Gabriel and Hope, Messengers of God, Archangel of Resurrection, of guidance and harmony, of joy, of discipline and purity.

Breath deep into the body, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth, activating a deeper level of this connection that you have with the Company of Heaven and the Archangelic Legions of Light, sweet ones, as you surround yourself in this beautiful White Flame brought through now by Archangel Gabriel and Hope. They are beckoning you, calling you to travel into their Spiritual Retreat in the etheric realms between Sacramento and Mt. Shasta in Northern California, and with your Master Guides now and your Guardian Angel and all the Beings of Light you personally acknowledge, you find yourselves traveling through this beautiful grid of Divine Love, and now finding yourselves within the Spiritual Retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Hope.

As you enter into this Spiritual Retreat you are warmly welcomed by Archangel Gabriel and Hope and their many Legions upon Legions of Light. You are now placed in this beautiful spherical dome of Light, bringing a sense of safety, bringing a sense of familiarity, and bringing a sense of balance, of purpose and destiny; for within these sacred concentric circles of Purity, of Harmony and Light, is the remembrance of your Divine purpose and destiny, sweet ones. Some of you are still searching and we remind you sweet ones, that this is not an outward journey, this is an inward journey; finding your purpose through your passion. For you all have many gifts ~ these creative gifts of the wild woman and the wild man energies that amplify in this Golden Age of Light into deeper levels of the expression of your Divine Selves, to areas of creativity within the musical arena, within the arts, within the communications arena, within the science community, the metaphysical communities ~ through your gifts of healing, through your gifts of extra-sensory perception, that are developing in deeper levels, and even in your gifts of compassion, of understanding others; these make you great teachers and leaders and way showers and facilitators in this Golden Age of Light, sweet ones. And it is to acknowledge this, to gather focus and momentum according to what it is that you would like to do, what brings you joy.  Have a sense of coming into your heart, sweet ones, into your heart’s dreaming, into the remembrance and knowing of your Highest Potential and the fulfillment of your dreams and hopes. Go back to the earliest times and memories in this lifetime of what it is that you wanted to do, to be, to experience ~ and come back into your heart’s dreaming, letting go of the disillusionment, letting go of the perceived limitation. Have a sense in this beautiful Spiritual Temple and retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Hope surrounded in this beautiful White Flame, of what your purpose is, of what your destiny is, of what your heart’s dreaming is ~ where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, finding fulfillment in your Soul purpose, finding fulfillment in your everyday life and knowing that you can create this change, sweet ones; that you have the ability to magnetize and to manifest and to bring into your reality all that you are needing in any given Now moment.

Archangel Gabriel now comes forward and places within your base chakra the Tzolkin Wheel of Light. The Tzolkin Wheel, this disc of light which spins in a clockwise and then counter clockwise direction respectively, depending what is required for you in this Now, releasing or bringing in of Light frequencies, activates to a greater level now to bring in the Light codes of your purpose and destiny. You have a sense of this very clearly, sweet ones, seeing through your Master Eyes, through the Christed Timelines and through your heart; as the dormant DNA activates now to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow within this sacred moment you see clearly the wisdom and knowledge that you hold, as you come into deeper levels of knowing and being able to manifest your purpose and your passion.

Wonderful, sweet ones. You now find yourself being drawn into this beautiful Golden White Pillar of Light. This Golden White Pillar of Light takes you through the Christed Timelines into the future, sweet ones, and it is in these future timelines that you merge now with your future selves in full attainment of self mastery ~ you are your Highest Selves and you are leading others as you are still being lead in this Now. You have achieved your personal ascension, you have achieved your purpose and your passion, and you sit on the Councils of Light. You experience your heart’s dreaming wherever it may be ~ on the lower worlds or different planets or stars. You have fulfilled your service roles, sweet ones, and there is a part of you that still chooses to be here because you are Beings of such great magnitude; deeply compassionate, glorious Beings that are beyond the duality and the disillusionment and the challenges. You hold to the knowing and experience of joy and hope, of purity, of divine justice, and of balance, sweet ones. You now merge with your future Selves and take on many of these gifts, these key codes and sacred geometries and understandings.

Wonderful sweet ones. Know that everything that you are needing to activate in terms of your creative gifts, in terms of your Highest Potentials, are coming through now in these streams of consciousness and through these Christed Timelines, sweet ones. These timelines too of ancient Egypt, and Atlantis and Lemuria, and the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and these timelines of these parallel dimensions too.  Allow these streams of consciousness and Light of yourself as a Star Being, as a Pleiadian or Sirian or Andromedan or Acturian or Lyran to be amplified too in this Now. For it is your star seeded heritage that takes you into a deeper level of your creative gifts in this Now, into a deeper level of the expression of your gifts; for you bring with you particular star qualities that are amplified and activated now in these beautiful concentric rings of purity and White Light.

Wonderful, sweet ones. Come back with this Knowing of how easy it is for you to flow graciously and harmoniously in this Golden Age of Light, in your Heaven on Earth, into your heart’s dreaming, and hold this vision always for it to manifest. Envision every day your heart’s dreaming, as you call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope in this assistance of bringing greater levels of harmony and hope and Divine understanding and transformation into your lives, sweet ones.

As you ground into the energy of Mother Earth, feel her connection too, that she has to a greater Consciousness of Light on many levels; to all the Beings of Light that assist in lifting her Consciousness as you do. She assists in lifting your Consciousness in your connection too; to the Sun and the planets in this solar system ~ you are all ascending in this journey of Light, together becoming these Solar Beings of Light. It is part of this energetic matrix that you experience through your future Selves, in this Crystalline Matrix of Light and you hold this focus, sweet ones, as you hold your heart’s dreaming, your purpose and your passion, surrounded once more in this beautiful White Flame of Archangel Gabriel and Hope.

And now within your sacred space, you now repeat the following invocation aloud:

Invocation to Archangel Gabriel and Hope

I call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope,

to actualize the White Flame of joy, hope, harmony and discipline.

To guide me in the glory and Light of Mother/Father God,

through my Beloved I Am Presence,

so I may choose the creative unfolding of my Sacred Contract

most aligned to this Golden Age of Light.


I call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope,

to take me in my Spiritual Body of Light,

into their Spiritual Retreat between Sacramento and Mt. Shasta, in California,

so I may experience purity, beauty, glory and transformation,

so I may follow my hearts dreaming,

my purpose and passion.


I call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope,

to place the Tzolkin Wheel of Light within my base chakra.

As the Tzolkin Wheel of Light activates,

it brings in the Light codes of my purpose, my destiny.

And I see clearly through the Christed Timelines as to my service work in this Golden Age of Light.


I Am harmony,

I Am purity,

I Am disciplined and passionate,

I Am a creative inspired work of Divine Art

I Am All That I Am.


Wonderful, sweet ones.


You are now ready for the White Flame Attunement of Archangel Gabriel and Hope to the receiving of your many gifts in harmony and wisdom.

You now repeat aloud:

I, (giving your full name), give myself permission, and ask Spirit, Archangel Gabriel and Hope, their Legions of Light, and my Beloved I Am Presence for this Archangelic Creative Gifts Attunement. I ask to be attuned to Archangel Gabriel and Hope and their Legions of Light from On High through their beautiful White Flame of joy, hope, harmony and discipline”

And you now visualize this White Flame coming in around your body and energy field, sweet ones.

And you now continue:

“I now request that Archangel Gabriel and Hope attune me to the knowing of my many creative gifts in harmony and wisdom.”

 Archangel Gabriel now comes forward and places his Seal of Light within your base chakra, signifying the receiving of this attunement.


You now affirm:

“As a Master Being of Light, I co-create with the Company of Heaven. I manifest my heart’s dreaming, magnetizing and bringing into my reality all that I need in any given Now moment. Surrounded in the beautiful White Flame of Gabriel and Hope, I activate all my gifts and my heart’s passions in joy, in harmony, in hope, in discipline and in Divine Love.”

Good. You just hold this energy of Light, surrounded in this beautiful White Flame of Gabriel and Hope, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth, feeling and sensing your heart’s dreamings, your purpose and your passion. We thank you for your service work, sweet ones. With this we bid you a most magical day.

The eBook of all seven transmissions can be purchased here:

Co-created by Anrita Melchizedek

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