Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Children

My precious friends and family,

It has been some months since my last update on the abduction of my two boys, Benjamin and Caelin, by my ex-husband in August 2012. At that time, my ex-husband took our children, then aged five and three respectively, to Portugal without my consent or knowledge. Numerous legal proceedings have occurred, but we have been waiting on my witness testimonials from South Africa for my Hague case to come to fruition. And the good news is that my original testimonials are being couriered from South Africa today and will arrive in Portugal this week. The criminal charges of sexual abuse of the boys were also dismissed by the court, with the judge being very clear she did not believe any of these charges.

I have been in Lisbon since early April, and arrived to the busyness of legal proceedings, parental conferences, psychological and social worker evaluations. My visitation rights were organized within a week of my arrival. I have blessedly been able to see the boys twice a week after school, taking them to a mall near their village, two hours from Lisbon. And they are now spending the weekends with me too, with this coming weekend being our third weekend together. They have a lot of emotional and psychological problems and my youngest son Caelin has numerous health issues, including asthma.  I am both so sad for the boys and what they have been through and yet so delighted and grateful that I am getting this time to rebuild my relationship with my beautiful boys. I have had very little contact with the boys telephonically and they have been told many lies about me so they are not sure what to believe and do not yet trust me. However, I know that they feel my Love, and I know too that justice will prevail.

I have further attempted to create a bridge of goodwill with my ex-husband, and while this is going slowly, we are communicating with one another.

This part of the journey will come to an end soon, precious hearts, and the boys will be returned home wrapped in the wings of Angels, and our collective Love. It is my great hope that we will have a decision from the Portuguese family court early to mid-June, and I will stay in Lisbon until the court makes a ruling.  

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in the sharing of my story. I truly appreciate you all so very much.

From my heart to your heart to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek


  1. God Bless you Anrita. I follow your channelings and i had no idea until just now when i read this above post what was occurring in your life since 2012. My heart is connected to yours dear angel and we pray for you and your boys and all those involved in this situation. God bless your strength and your courage, you are an inspiration in some many ways and on so many levels.

    Love Cherina xxxx <3

    1. Thank you precious heart ~ in much appreciation of you. Hugs and much Love

  2. Dear Anrita, Your brilliant enduring Light floods my bedroom every night because I listen to your transmissions as I prepare for sleep. I feel such a kinship with you at all times and send you waves of the purest intention for Divine resolution with Love infusing all aspects of situations and circumstances needing healing. You help me understand the journey we have all taken and in particular I appreciate the parts of your transmissions that include languages of light, as I have experienced a few spontaneous times where I was speaking something similar but I didn't know what I was saying - only that it was from Love.

    Much love & many blessings, Stephanie

    1. Wonderful Stephanie ~ really enjoy the Light language transmissions too ~ in much appreciation of you precious heart ~ blessings and much Love ~