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The Noble Path of Lord Buddha for New Earthers

Teachings of the Golden Rose ~ The Path of Christos-Sophia
The Noble Path of Lord Buddha for New Earthers

With Anrita Melchizedek and Miguel Dean

Saturday February 2nd 10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm CST, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT
Los Angeles 10am, New York 1pm, London 6pm, Johannesburg 8pm

As the New Earthers and Flames of Divinity in this Golden Age, we embody the Threefold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom through Service in Love and Soul embodiment, and further assist in igniting this Flame within the hearts of all humanity.  We choose to experience the Path of Earth Service, of Unity Consciousness, and all that it brings as we deepen into our collective magnificence and Light, and the flow of our loving hearts.

As we experience the merging and integration of our numerous multidimensional Selves, and Higher Selves, we connect more deeply to our elder Brothers and Sisters, the Brotherhood of the Light and the Sisterhood of the Rose. We find ourselves traveling into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart, igniting our Flame as One Heart and One Love, whilst focusing on physical body upgrades, self-love and self-appreciation. We also experience a greater sense of being the Chela on the Thread, Overlighted by the Masters of Shamballa and Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos.

Lord Buddha draws us into his Body of Light, sharing with us a discourse transmitted energetically on living the Noble Path. The Noble Path is offered to us as Initiates of Light and Sons and Daughters of God, living New Earth and multidimensional realities of Unity Consciousness, and in this transmission, breathing in the Light of Creation through the qualities of the first eight rays and Ray Ashrams of Shamballa. We feel and sense the truth within our loving hearts of the Compassion teachings of Buddha as we connect with the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness though our Beloved I Am Presence and the Ascended Realms.

Lord Buddha takes us deeper into compassion and patience, liberation and acceptance whilst understanding that all Life is Divinely Equal, and that it is just the levels of Cosmic Consciousness that differs from individual to individual. We understand too that by embracing our challenges and our suffering as initiations of Light, we experience the Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom.

 In this telewebinar transmission, we deepen into Soul embodiment through the principles and energetic frequencies of the Path of Buddha as well as practical applications of the Buddhic Path in our everyday lives.

We are invited into Shamballa where we will experience the first eight rays of Creation through the Noble Path of Gautama Buddha. We anchor the ray frequencies and New Earth Blueprints of the Noble path through the chakras, giving us the multidimensional perspective of looking through our “master eyes”.

Through these energetic upgrades walking the Path of Buddha we experience the New Earth Blueprints of:
  Acceptance and Understanding
Aspiration and purpose
Politeness, kindness and compassionate expression
Awareness of thoughts, feelings and actions
Living from the heart
Right effort and Soul liberation
 Observation and Mindfulness
Embodiment and manifestation

We breathe in the qualities, energies and Overlighting of Mother Mary, Lord Buddha and the Ascended Realms, and exhale as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light, nurtured and loved, appreciated and celebrated as the Light of God we are.

In this beautiful two hour telewebinar transmission Anrita Melchizedek guides us in an energetic encoded transmission, and Miguel Dean brings through some wonderful practical examples of living the Path of the Buddha, the Path of the Compassionate Heart. 

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Due to the set-up of this payment gateway, we are not able to offer free registration at the time of the event for those not able to remit payment. However you are always welcome to come as our guest and we will be able to send a replay link to you following the event. To receive the replay link only, you can email us at requesting the replay link for this webinar. To remit a donation and receive the replay link only, click here. For registration through PayPal click here.
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About Miguel Dean: My life’s journey began with the loss of my mother when I was still a baby.  This motivated and inspired me, as a young man, to go in search of the love that I had tasted so fleetingly.  To begin with I got very lost in a shadowy world of drugs, crime, violence and homelessness. Later on I looked to women to heal the mother wound within me, until over time and after several failed relationships, the realisation arrived that what I sought was to reconnect with the Divine Feminine and that She was always within me.

This inner journey and my journey in the world gifted me with the tools, wisdom and insight to guide others who also are ready to return home through the inner reunion of divine masculine and feminine within.  This is such important work because in so doing we contribute to creating a more beautiful world for the children and generations to come.
Much of my work has been about empowering young adults and inspiring adults to contribute in whatever way possible to raising the consciousness and vibration of the collective.  The most powerful way, in my experience,  to do this is by looking within and doing our inner work, dissolving timelines and alchemising the gifts from our uncomfortable experiences and woundings.

Last year The Goddess has asked me to take my work to a whole new level and stand up and be counted as a man who is committed to the ongoing journey to deepen the embodiment of the sacred masculine. And I have accepted her request.  I am passionate about facilitating this important work: the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine within the hearts and souls of those who are ready for this alchemy.  It is time for the divine feminine to be fully realised and for the complete purification of the sacred masculine because this sacred alchemical marriage is a key factor in the birthing of the new earth.

About Anrita: Priestess, Intuitive Apothecarist, Starseed, Light Weaver, Angel Messenger, Wayshower, Catalyst, Empath, Soul Reader and Mother.

Anrita Melchizedek was born with many of her ESP gifts already activated, and in communication with the Company of Heaven as an empath, channel, and natural healer.
As a Soul Reader and Light weaver Anrita sees the Light codes of potentiality within energy fields and draws from these Light codes and blueprints when connecting with others. This allows her to assist others in weaving their codes of potentiality into their greatest expression of Self as Flames of Divinity walking this Path of Love.

She further embodies and transmits the energy of Love as a conduit for the Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light.

Anrita’s path of Earth Service is to amplify our gifts and deepen our connection to the Divine Mother in Unity, Community, Peace and Love.

Anrita’s teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery.

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