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The Sirian Temple of the Goddess and a Re-Union of Hearts

The Sirian Temple of the Goddess and a Re-Union of Hearts
Riding the Light Waves of the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

Two hour video telewebinar transmission with Anrita Melchizedek and Audrey LightLanguage

Saturday August 11th - 11am PDT, 12pm MDT, 1pm CDT, 2pm EDT, 6pm GMT
London/Lisbon 7pm, Johannesburg 8pm, LA 11am, New York 2pm, Sydney 4am (August 12th), Auckland 6am (August 12th)

Join Anrita Melchizedek and Audrey LightLanguage in a beautiful telewebinar transmission of invocations and affirmations and light language transmissions this coming Saturday on the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, as we experience the Sirian Temple of the Goddess and a Re-Union of Hearts.

Amplified in this Now moment through the 8:8 Lion's Gateway the Sirian Stargate of the Heart activates and actualizes the Flame of Divine Love at the deepest level through our loving hearts. Anchored initially through the 8:8 Lion’s Gateway of 2017 in preparation for the energetic planetary events and eclipses and equinoxes of August and September at that time, we came deeper into our loving hearts, in self-love, self-nurturing and self-worth, holding the Flame of Divine Love collectively as volunteer Souls to Mother Earth and all Life.

In that moment, many of us experienced the Sirian Temple of the Goddess. Attuning to the Pink Flame of unconditional, compassionate Love, we dissolved and transmuted emotional and etheric debris no longer needing to be experienced, particularly old emotional ties or misused or abused heart energy imprintings.

This was a huge shift in Cosmic Consciousness for us, and riding this Light wave of Divine Love through the powerful Solar Eclipse of August 21st of solar flares, photonic rays, ray frequencies and New Earth Templates and into the September Equinox, we experienced very deep releasing of all that no longer works for us, while being embraced within the Love of the Divine Mother. As the Sirian Stargate of the Heart continued to blaze through our loving hearts, the heart chakra and thymus chakra, and around this sacred earth, we accelerated into the next level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution, making changes on every level of our beingness to support our service work and New Earth experiences. For some, new levels of nurturing and loving has brought about a deeper body focus, with Light Body rejuvenation and regeneration, and for others, old ways of being or jobs or friends fell away to make way for the new; with the focus on our heart’s dreaming, and our heart’s joy as these Flames of Divinity. A new flow, a way of being, emerging with grace, with ease, with insight, understanding and with compassion.

Through our combined efforts in holding the Flame of Divine Love pulsating through the Sirian Stargate and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, the Flame of the Divine Mother anchored within the hearts of all awakened Souls on the December Solstice of 2017. New ways of communicating, and expressing ourselves and gifts came online and continue to unfold within the new beginnings and expressions of this sacred year of 2018.
In expressing the Flame of the Divine Mother within our loving hearts, we deepened not only into the next levels of our service work and continued clearing work, but started to experience a renewed sense of the Divine Masculine archetypal energy in surrender to the Divine Feminine archetype. Embracing, loving and appreciated our Divine Masculine Spirits and all they have done to defend us and protect us, while realizing this is no longer needing to be experienced as we walk the path of Divine Love. For this year has brought with it the dance of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine spirits to a new level of healing, embracing, loving, accepting, communicating and merging, as we experience our Divinity and Light along the path of Love.  For the Divine Masculine archetype is truly only experienced through the Love of the Divine Feminine, which is why so many more Light workers are now coming together as Soul Brothers and Sisters, Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

What ignites now within the Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom and through our loving hearts, is the ability to release old hurts, betrayals and judgments between men and women, while releasing old perceptions and control and power issues creating the “war of the sexes”. With this too, the Angelic Template of Understanding and Compassion comes online through this perfect balance of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Spirits. It brings to us a new way of “re-acting” and being, accepting and embracing, no matter how uncomfortable the experience may be. It is a place where see the pain of those whom we perceive to have caused us pain. And we understand the pre-birth agreements and more than this, that at a higher light level, ALL SOULS ARE LOVE.  Our Soul Light guides us through our compassion and loving heart. We understand, we forgive, we love and we let go; releasing blame, anger, frustration and sadness as we come into the stillness of our loving hearts, the Divine Presence of our Christed Hearts.

We have been in preparation to make the shift into the next level of our Soul’s blossoming these last few months through the deepening integration of Soul frequency, and the clearing and purging of old cellular memories, re-actions and reflections, making this an intense Now moment for many Light workers and Gate Keepers sandwiched between the Eclipses. Additionally new mission codes activate, Light Body upgrades occur and Soul connections amplifying. Ancestral lineages have been greatly cleared over the last few weeks, thymus and higher heart activations have increased as sadness and anger is released, and brain fogginess, headaches, muscle and body aches, heart palpitations and emotional oscillations are now giving way to a new flow and balance of peace, Love, understanding and compassion along with deeper inner plane connections with Soul and Star families.

The 8:8 Lion’s Gateway is another very powerful planetary activity of Light linking us in Soul consciousness to one another and to our Star family and friends of the Light.  The Lion’s Gate presents a window of opportunity of accelerated consciousness, a quickening of Divine Presence, as we align into the Sun behind the Sun, the Spiritual Sun of Sirius. Soul merges amplify, Star Ki codes ignite, Diamond Light Codes activate, Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes rebalance and mission code accelerate as higher wisdom unveils, Love amplifies and new neural pathways emerge. These multidimensional memories in cosmic awareness serve to activate timelines of highest potentialities as well as take us deeper into Star Portals and the Christed ET connections.

Andromeda and the Milky Way Galaxy deepen their dance as the Golden Rose Galaxy, the creational energy of Divine Love experienced in many Golden Ages of Light. The kundalini ignites and we experience the bliss of an inner alchemical marriage and re-union of hearts with ourselves, Soul and Star family and all Life. One Heart, One Love, One Unified Field of Light.  

While this clearing continues, a point of stillness in the re-emergence of Divine Presence is the gift that amplifies in this re-union of hearts. All is Love, and timelessness, the eternal Now, is brought into being in our everyday lives in gratitude and appreciation through the Template of Understanding & Compassion. With a renewed sense of purpose and peace, Love and understanding, this is truly a new beginning for all awakened Souls as the intensity subsides in the next round of Light waves and our ability to handle the higher dimensional energies grounds through the body with a much greater level of ease and grace. Power comes with renewed will, knowing and wisdom emerge as we look through our Master eyes at all of Life around us. In the knowing that we are Love; in the knowing that we are One. Safety comes in intimacy, opening to one another, trusting, surrendering, appreciating, and loving. I Love You.

With these new beginnings, the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th opens to accelerate the transformation of our Soul’s blossoming in this re-union of hearts and new ways of being, as we ride the Light waves, the higher dimensional frequencies of Cosmic Christ Consciousness of empowerment, Love and wisdom experienced in this Now within our loving hearts. Consciousness observes unconsciousness and realigns back into consciousness. Having done our work we now deepen into healing the wounds of the collective unconsciousness, as we love ourselves in the knowing of our worthiness and connection to the Divine. Free from judgment, free from old cords, energies, people, places or attachments and re-actions. We breathe, we move the body energetically, we feel the kundalini and tantric channels activate, and the dormant DNA come online as new gifts actualize and multidimensional timelines present and we slow down, accept and observe before we act. We follow the intuition and guidance of our Soul Light, our Beloved I Am Presence, whilst excited to be connecting on the inner and outer planes to Soul and Star family and friends. As we align with and into the higher dimensional fields of Light, the Sun behind the Sun, and Gaia prepares the Light Grids for the next level of New Earth, we are invited into the Sirian Temple of the Goddess to experience the collective Soul Frequency of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light. We merge with Soul and Star family and heal our own wounds in the dance of unique experiences with masculine and feminine energies to know ourselves as Love. Intuitively guided as an open heart; compassionate, loving, accepting, and forgiving as we find new ways of expression and communication and connection, in insight and understanding.

Surrounded in the Flame of the Divine Mother, and embraced in this re-union of hearts, we move into the family lineage as we clear generically inherited false beliefs and judgments. We hold our hearts in Love and trust as we accept all that we have experienced with karmic mates along the karmic timelines. We activate the kundalini and tantric channels and merge with Soul clusters, feeling, sensing, knowing and trusting in intimacy and Love. We experience a new rebalancing of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Spirits. We are safe and we are loved as we ignite the Template of Insight and Compassion.

Additionally the Christed ET’s come forward through the Sirian Stargate, our future selves and our Christed ET Selves. In particular, it is the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Lyrians and the Venusian Illumined Beings of Light that connect with us through this August 11th portal, offering to place us in Light Grid Chambers particular to our vibrational frequency and the collective vibrational field of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light. 

Through the Sirian Temple of the Goddess, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light bring in a Molecular Restructuring and Light Body Upgrade Chamber of Light.
The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light bring in a Purification Rings Chamber of Light.
The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light bring in a Light Healing Infusion Chamber of Light.
The Venusians bring in a Healing of the Soul Wounds Chamber of Light.
The Arcturian Emissaries of Light bring in a Divine Blueprinting Chamber of Light.
The Lyrians will bring in a Mission Activated Chamber of Light.
And lastly, all these Christed ET core groups bring in a Rebalancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Spirits Chamber of Light.

Each Chamber of Light with its own energy and frequency will be uniquely experienced through a series of Light Language transmissions and energetic activations.

We invite you to join us in this sacred heart space of One Love and One Unified Field of Light through the New Moon Partial Solar and Sirian Stargate of the Heart as we step into the next level of the collective I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light upgrades and Cosmic Templatings.

Happy 8:8 Gateway precious hearts. May the energies of the Sirian Stargate of the Heart flow within and around you, and may you always remember and know your magnificence and Light, a Flame of Divinity, a Son & Daughter of God.


This telewebinar will take place in video format. You will have the ability to participate and ask your questions towards the end of the event. If you are not able to make the event live, there will be an audio and video recording available within 24 hours following the event.
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How does the Teleconference work?

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