Sunday 23 March 2014

Personal Update from Anrita

My precious friends and family,

I have recently returned from an eleven week sojourn to Portugal and India. My reason for going to Portugal was two-fold: primarily to see my children, Ben and Caelin, now 5 and 6 respectively, and also to connect with our Light worker family in Portugal.

I was very blessed to stay with a wonderful spiritual couple in Lisbon, and to have the assistance of my Portuguese facilitator to set up local workshops for me, and to translate when I needed this in the workshops. I hosted a weekend workshop, and another one day workshop. The primary focus of this Light work was on karmic clearing, both individually and through the heart chakra of Lisbon. I also found my way to a couple of sacred sites with new friends, and was both able to receive and give into these energies. The focus here was on a deeper integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, and I found that I too was working with these aspects of myself, as well as walking both the Pathway of Divine Love and the Pathway of Karma.  

I had previously lived in Portugal for a year in 2008, so I felt welcomed by the familiarity of Portugal, but caught too in an energy matrix that required a deep focus for me to stay centered. Although I mostly understood what was being said to me in Portuguese, it was mostly through my ability to read the energy of others, rather than any linguistic skills. So my third eye activated all the time, and occasionally I would feel tired or headachy with this constant reading. The energy surrounding Portugal at this time is one of “perceived struggle” and “lack of abundance”. And yet, too, the people are open and friendly and welcoming. I made friends with the shop keepers and restaurant owners along our road, and was fortunate too, to find a yoga studio two houses down from where I stayed. So I made some good friends along the way.

My greatest challenge was patience in waiting to see my boys. It took five weeks, and a meeting with the Public Prosecutor at the Family Court, before I was able to have contact with the boys. I arranged with my ex-husband to meet at a public shopping center close to his village outside of Lisbon, and I was so very happy to be able to spend time with my precious children. I could see the boys were emotionally confused, and understandably distant, and yet, there was a remembrance of me, although this too was confused in a realm of distant memories and more recent memories of abandonment. I was able to see the boys three times while in Portugal, but found each time to be deeply challenging to be able to connect more deeply to the boys under the supervision of my ex-husband who would not leave the table. My connection with my ex-husband is still very difficult, although I was able to see that he and his girlfriend are doing the best they can for the boys at this time.  And it is indeed my greatest wish that we can come together in a win-win situation for the boys.

I wanted to share with you some of the legal aspects of my case, as many have asked where I am in this “Hague case”. As you may remember from previous writings, in April 2013, the Family Court in Portugal ruled that my ex-husband had the right to keep the boys at this time due to a "financial agreement" I signed with him. We appealed this decision at the Portuguese High Court, and the appeal in August was in our favor. What was stipulated through the appeal is that the Family Court needs to hear my video and certified written testimonials from South Africa and following this, will then decide if this is a Hague case or not, or make a determination as to whether or not the boys will be returned to South Africa.

This request for video and written testimonials was sent by the Family Court in Portugal to the Justice Department here in South Africa at the end of November (the National Central Authorities). When I had heard nothing by January, I started emailing the National Central Authorities who said they do not do video testimonials, and more recently, I have come to understand they cannot assist me with my certified written testimonials. They have to follow the Hague convention guidelines through the Children's Act of 1985. As there is no guideline under this law as to assisting applicants with certified testimonials in other Hague countries, for them to do so would be unlawful.

I explained this to my Portuguese lawyers and they said the only way around this, under their law, is for my ex-husband to give his permission for my testimonials to be received without the permission of the Justice Department in South Africa. We put forward this request and this week have heard that he has refused this request.

I also emailed the National Central Authorities asking if it is not possible for them to approach the High Court and request that my written testimonials be certified through our Justice Department. I think this possibility may exist, creating a precedence for new guideline to be written within the Children's Act. I am just not sure if they can assist me, or will be willing to assist me. If not, I may need to go the route of a local lawyer and advocate once more.

My ex-husband also laid criminal charges of sexual abuse against me, stating that I allegedly sexually abused the boys. At this stage, we are planning to take out a Defamation of Character charge against my ex-husband, but I am unclear how this is going to affect the case.

I am hopeful and trusting that in its own perfect timing, all will work out, and that the boys will come back home or that a suitable arrangement that benefits the boys will be reached.  What I have found is that when I am observing, there is a deep sense of knowing this Soul agreement, and trusting in the unfolding of this process. And then there is the human side, not caught in the drama, but experiencing the heartache and pain. I know there is only Love, and while I feel Love and joy, I also feel heartache, grief and pain of perceived separation and loss. And then I go beyond the separation again, and come fully back into Love. It is an interesting recalibration from third to fifth dimensional consciousness, but what I recognize is that these feelings are not an illusion. In being able to express my full range of emotions and integrate and love the anger, the pain, the betrayal and the temporary perceived loss and pain, I am taken deeper along the Pathway of Divine Love, with even greater levels of forgiveness, humility and insight.  There is also an acceptance. A deep trust and surrender to this journey, knowing that my Beloved I Am Presence and the Legions of Light from On High are guiding me forward in the creation of a new Pathway of Light, and bringing in the support I need on all levels as I co-create this Pathway of Divine Love.

Then there are those moments of great change, shifts that occur for us all, and this is another one of those great moments. The Equinox energies have presented for us another gateway, a Portal of Light deeper into the fifth dimensional continuum and the ever present eternal Now moment in Divine Love.  I see that many of us as Light workers and starseeded ones are walking the Pathway of Divine Love through the Pathway of Karma. The Divine Blueprints activating now, this shift in Consciousness, is the greatest shift that we have had since December 22nd, 2012, and requires of us to find balance in all aspects of our lives. When we are not in balance, we are operating from two blueprints: our free will blueprint and our Divine Blueprint, and have moments of feeling misaligned. What these energies bring for us now, is the possibility of blossoming into a greater sense of ourselves and a deeper sense of our service work. Old energy matrices and patterns that create a sense of stress upon our bodies dismantle and we see this shift in Consciousness affect the mass consciousness of humanity as we come together as the I Am Avatar race. Already we are experiencing this new energy field of Divine Love, and sometimes we feel it tangibly around us, and it brings a knowing that even those with whom we have perceived conflict will soften, as they too shift beyond the veils of illusion.

From a ray perspective, this year we are working with the second cosmic ray, or fourteenth ray of Interstellar Service. “This beautiful silver ray assists us to shift into the infinite and eternal Now as pure Beingness in form. In this state of conscious awareness no further veils of illusion are needing to be endured. We are reaching levels of our vast expansiveness enabling greater integration of our fifth dimensional crystalline templates of Light. This cosmic ray illuminates our journey along the pathway of Divine Love in insight and understanding, as we experience this Now, beyond time and space, through the inner stargate of self-knowledge and illumination. In this process of actualizing our Beloved I AM Presence we experience our reality as the collective Cosmic Christ, as one Unified Cosmic Heart. We are taken into the formless, timeless experience of being in everything, as everyone. This is the point of truly coming into the eternal Now moment, through synthesis of all past, present and future representations of Unity Consciousness on both a planetary and cosmic scale. And it takes us deeper into the New Earth templates of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness and the knowing that we are truly co-creating Heaven on Earth. From a personal perspective, through the energy of this ray we have a more mystical realization of our Divine magnificence and a deeper understanding of our service work. Our service work is carried out unconditionally, without the expectation of what is being given back, knowing that Source will always bless us with abundance, and all that we need in any given Now moment”.

I have a deep sense of this shift occurring and how it is affecting us all. What reflects around us is what is happening on a planetary level and we are asked to simply center ourselves, to see what these imbalances are within ourselves, for by correcting this, we do so for the planet. The gift in this lies in connecting to our Beloved I Am Presence, the Illumined Beings of Light from On High and through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. When we experience the embrace of our Family and Friends of the Light, and the energy of the New Earth templates, we see that we are bathed in these Light frequencies that reflect from within us and around us, constantly affecting change through the radiance of our own Beingness as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. Sometimes, we need to take the time to integrate these frequencies, and when we do, we feel ourselves lifted into a deeper octave of the One Heart of All Creation. It has not been an easy journey, but now the time is coming when many Light Workers are holding these energies for both themselves and others, and finding that they are able to walk with stability along the Pathway of Divine Love. And there are those too that are still releasing, letting go, remembering and activating deeper gifts within themselves. All processes require a deep sense of trust and surrender, and going within we come to know ourselves through the full preciousness and magnificence of our Heart’s Temple, as we follow our heart’s dreaming.

India for me is a country that I truly cherish. The people are warm, inviting, and deeply appreciative and I experienced the hospitality of our Indian Light Family through the multi-city workshop tour I hosted, which took me to Mumbai, Bengaluru and Nepal respectively. With my two Indian facilitators, we connected with many Light workers and those still waking up to the knowing of their magnificence and Light. India itself is a spiritual country, and this spirituality is reflected through most of the people in their own way. What I found is that the Guru consciousness, or giving your power to others, was still a big part of the consciousness in India, and yet, there were many awakened Light Workers holding the higher dimensional energies in India. I understand that India is to be an important part in the shift of Consciousness as more people come into a deeper level of self-knowing and self-mastery. The Light work here focused primarily on connecting to Shamballa in the etheric of India/Himalayas and the Gobi Desert, and the Ray Masters. Primarily integrating a deeper level of the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness of One Unity Consciousness, using Pyramid Valley as one of the activation portals, through which the initial anchoring of this Golden Ray occurred in October 2013.

I was also guided to create a beautiful manual called “Christ Consciousness Soul Purpose activation” and look forward to sharing this as a telewebinar with you shortly.

I have been focusing too on the 33 fifth dimensional Portals of Light that are being activated over this sacred year with the assistance of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High. Due to my travels, I have not been able to bring a focus to this Light work, but will do so in the coming week.

It is taking me a little time to re-integrate back into my beautiful home; travel always seems to add dimensional layers to perceptual realities and creations of Light, but I am always with you in heart and mind my precious friends and family.

It is my hope in sharing with you personally that you can know that I understand very well the challenges we all face in our own ways to follow the pathway of our heart, to truly know ourselves as Divine Love. And now, we can rest assured that we have been God Victorious and all the changes that need to occur are occurring within us Now. We are being taken deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and these new downloads, keycodes and crystalline patterns activate each cell within our body in the knowing that all is Divinely perfect. Our personal rhythm and dance is co-creating a tapestry of One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love. We simply need to trust in this knowing, follow our heart’s dreaming and the abounding synchronicities in our everyday lives.

I truly appreciate you all so very much. Thank you so much for your support precious hearts.

From my heart to yours, to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

Blessings in Love

Anrita Melchizedek