Thursday, 23 November 2017

Angel Tools for Children Funding Proposal

My precious friends and family,

I would like to share with you a wonderful project I am currently creating and truly so very excited about, called Angel Tools for Children; and how you and your children can benefit from these beautiful tools, affirmations, invocations and communication techniques while supporting this project on different levels.

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with my work, I am a spiritual facilitator and way shower. For the past twenty plus years, I have shared wonderful visualizations and invocations for awakened Souls through my monthly transmissions, telewebinars and videos ~ taking us deeper into the Love within our own hearts and assisting others to know themselves as Flames of Divinity and Children of God ~ as we come together in community, in unity, peace, understanding and Love.

I am also the mother for two beautiful boys, Caelin and Ben, now 8 and 10 respectively and the Angel Tools for Children writings actually came together through a lot of the work I have been doing with my own children. 

Like many families we went through a lot of upheaval in our lives and I found myself as a single parent needing a way to communicate and connect more deeply with my children as well as finding ways that we could express our feelings and create clear boundaries in our relationship.

One of my gifts is the ability to listen to the universe and in this case, to listen to the Archangels, as they came forward asking me to put together this beautiful program that could be of value to all our children. They stated that this is the time for our children, whether we call these new earth children the crystal children, rainbow children, golden children, or diamond children, or whether we label them as Autistic, or as having Asperger's Syndrome (AS) to ADHD and all those in-between frequencies, our children are pure Love, here in many instances to show us the way through the power of Love.  

The Archangels proceeded to share with me various tools and techniques I could use with the boys as we moved through our feelings and emotions and different ways to process everyday events and experiences. We started initially with what I call “repeat the last sentence after me”. This conscious communication technique has proved very useful for whatever situation arises. Rather than commanding, demanding, shouting, not listening or just ignoring them, I would take them through a series of positive affirmations in the first person, with the boys repeating just the last sentence aloud to start with, and over time, getting them to repeat more of the sentences and affirmations.  

I started connecting them with the Archangels too, primarily in the evenings, as we said our good night prayers. Archangel Michael might come in with his Blue Flame of Protection if one of the boys felt scared or had a nightmare or bad dream. Archangel Raphael with his Green Flame of Healing if we had hurt ourselves, or Archangel Chamuel and his Pink Flame of Love, as we took this Pink Fame into our loving hearts, feeling a deeper sense of Love for ourselves, and sending our Love to friends and family. These evening prayers and daily connection to the Archangels developed into a series of beautiful invocations, each 20-30 minutes in length, and include many of the common issues we and our children may face in our everyday lives. Whether these are issues such a bullying, parents going through a divorce, feeling unworthy, death in the family, facing up to the consequences of our actions, taking responsibility, understanding our feelings, learning to be polite and kind, forgiving, helpful and so on, the Angel Invocations give the children the tools they need to know themselves as valued and loved and to navigate through whatever arises expressing what they are feeling. In these Angel Invocations, they are taken on magical journeys with Golden Dragons, they ride unicorns, head into Castles of Love, float on peaceful pink clouds, place balloons of good feelings within their loving hearts, and face their fears as they give a voice to their fears and the full range of their emotions. Additionally the children are taught particular breathing techniques to work with their emotions and ground and center more quickly.

In essence, the Angel Tools for Children is a way for our children to get in touch with their feelings and to see their anger and fear as friends and allies, and what can be learnt through each experience as they come to know themselves as super heroes and children of God.

I was further guided to develop a series of wonderful Angelic Affirmation Cards, which forms part of this program too. My good friend Yola Quinn, a wonderful artist, has created the most amazing Archangel artwork, and it is these images we use with the affirmation cards, of which there are 64 in total.

Additionally there is another section on creating Angel Sprays with crystals and essential oils, prayers and Love, and another section on food suggestions as well as Angel drawings for younger children.

It is also my great hope to set a Marketing Initiative for Children through my foundation Sacred Life, offering assistance in setting up Market Days at their schools, in their clubs and for any event in which they need to raise funds. To be able to provide “the how to”, in making Angel sprays for example, or natural household cleaning products and other income producing products, while also offering funding ideas/proposals to reach out to their local communities for initial funding.

Further to this, I would like to offer simple breathing techniques and tools to share with schools and orphanages, children’s hospitals and the like. To this end, a little book called The Golden Dragons' Flame of Love is also in the pipeline.

I have so many amazing ideas, and would be so very appreciative if you could support this children’s project on whatever level you can at this time. I envisage around a three month period to finish off these writings, and by the end of February 2018, I will be able to offer you this eBook and related invocations and affirmation cards in digital format for whatever amount you are able to donate to this project.

I would like to set up the marketing side, website, videos and related, and reach out to others who have created children’s books and tools and invite them to share this on the website. To finance the artwork and the music and production of the invocations, nine in total, each 20-30 minutes in length and designed to be listened to in the evening as your children get ready for bed. And of course long term to get the Angel Tools for Children eBook into print, along with the affirmation cards and an Mp3 for the invocations.

So for your donation of any amount you are able to give at this time, at the end of February 2018, I will be able to offer you the Angel Tools for Children eBook, plus the link for the Mp3 downloads on the invocations as well as a PDF to print out the Angel Affirmation Cards and Angel Spray Labels.  

To make a donation to this project, and listen to the fund raising video on Angel Tools for Children, please use this link ~    

Additionally my good friend Karl Morfett has produced a wonderful You Tube video show casing some of the invocations and affirmations that you will receive as part of this package and this can be viewed at

I further invite you my precious friends and family to email me any ideas or suggestions that you may have to further this work for our children, or to assist and co-create on different levels.

Thank you for listening. I truly appreciate you all so very much and look forward to seeing this project grow from strength to strength with your support and Love.

From my heart, to yours, to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

Blessings in Love

Anrita Melchizedek