Friday 27 May 2022

The Flame of Compassion


The Flame of Compassion


As I go deep, deep within,

to the Golden Sun within my Loving Heart,

I breathe in Compassion,

I breathe out Compassion,

I breathe in Compassion,

I breathe out Compassion.


I am committed to releasing unforgiveness and resentment, blame and judgment,

and to free myself from relationships that are negative or harmful in any way.

To meet each challenge with compassion, loving kindness, peace and acceptance

as I walk the Path of Love,

as a Flame of Divinity,

as the Beloved I Am Presence That I Am.


As my Golden Sun expands in hues of pink and gold, and diamond Light,

I dissolve old programs of “victim/persecutor consciousness” no longer needing to be experienced,

whilst appreciating and celebrate my uniqueness and my loving nature,

through my Universe within.

I breathe in Compassion,

I breath out Compassion.


I choose to access the deepest levels of my Soul Light,

to expand my vibration and lift my consciousness into New Earth,

as this sacred, Holy Flame of Divinity,

and Light of God I Am.


I now feel or sense the three-fold Flame activate within my Loving Heart,

Power, Love and Wisdom,

Taking me deeper into the awareness that each Now moment is a choice,

one of 5D consciousness,

or one of 3D consciousness.


As I accept, embrace, appreciate and celebrate each unique experience I have through my compassionate, loving heart,

without judgment and without blame,

I collapse old timelines,

and accelerate into the next level of my soul’s blossoming magnificence and Light,

programming from within all I wish to experience within my Universe.

I know that I am greatly Loved, divinely supported and celebrated,

my Universe, my Soul is guiding Me.

I let go of any need to hide my Light,

to shield myself from others, or to compare myself to others.

I choose to Love my Self,

and to be gentle and loving to my Self.

I Am All That I Am.


I extend this compassion and Love to others,

with loving kindness, non-judgment and the ability and willingness to be of service.

With tender loving care, respect and honor,

 I remember, we are all Divine Mother.


I breathe in Compassion,

I breath out Compassion.

I place my right hand over my Loving Heart,

my left hand over my right,

as I now say to myself,

“I Love you,”

giving my full name now,

I Love you, I Love you, I Love you, I Love you”.


JOIN US BELOVED HEARTS IN OUR MASTERCLASS  "The Presence of the Divine Mother Within"


Thursday 5 May 2022

The Presence of the Divine Mother Within - Masterclass with Anrita


The Presence of the Divine Mother Within

You Tube Introduction


You are invited to join us in this powerful energetic transmission, as we accelerate our frequency, birth into creation new golden opportunities, and connect ever deeper into the Heart of Gaia, and the Flame of Compassion. This Flame of Compassion and Love amplifies in this Now moment and as these sacred, holy Flames of Divinity, the Stargate of our Loving Hearts expands into the deepening Presence of the Divine Mother within. As we deepen into Compassion through our Golden Hearts, we dissolve the wounded masculine, and victim/persecutor consciousness. We fine tune our frequency and shift dimensionally into ever higher octaves of the One Heart of All That Is.

We are further invited into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart. We receive an attunement to Divine Mother Mary as we step ever deeper into the Divine Mother energy of compassion and Love, gratitude and appreciation, loving kindness and respect for all. Further to this, we are offered an opportunity to focus on all our relationships.

Additionally, we experience an Initiation of Enlightenment as we elevate our consciousness, experience a Pineal Gland Activation and remember ourselves as Initiates of Light.

We further experience the Rays of Creation. In this transmission, along with the beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love, and the Violet Flame of Transmutation, we experience the Ray of Solar Service, of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, the Ray of Highest Potentials and the Ray of Devotion and Idealism.

Through the Overlighting of Lord Buddha, we are invited into these sacred Ray Ashrams as we create our Crystalline Light Body and program the Original Divine Blueprinting from within, whilst expanding our Devotion as the Light of God We Are.

Join us in this powerful transmission of Invocations and Affirmations as we journey ever deeper into the One Heart of All That Is, in Unity, Community and Love.

 Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.