Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Deepening into Service – The Crown of Twelve Stars Telewebinar Transmission with Anrita

Deepening into Service – The Crown of Twelve Stars
Light encoded energy transmission with Anrita Melchizedek

Saturday February 23rd at 10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm CST, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT
Los Angeles 10am, New York 1pm, London 6pm, Johannesburg 8pm

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. - Revelations 12

We are amazing. As the voices of the New Earth and Light of God upon this sacred earth, we have collected anchored the New Earth Templates for this Golden Age. The Divine Mother embraces us within her loving heart as we deepen into our service work walking the Path of Love. We are the Flames of Divinity igniting the kundalini through our Temples of Light, mirrored through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and connecting to the Light of the Father through the crown chakra.

The crown of twelve stars upon our heads is the Sun and Suns beyond the Sun. The twelve dimensional templates of Light now being activated draws to us the twelve Solar Hierarchies and our twelve Higher Selves amplified through the Photonic rays, Solar flares and Plasma frequencies.

As the Light encodements of the New Earth Templates ignite ever deeper through and into the Unity Grid and through our collective Crystalline Diamond Plasma DNA, the Gaia/Schumann resonance hit an all-time high of 67 Herts on February 16/17.  With collective Soul embodiments now being experienced for the Light Tribe, the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, change is occurring rapidly and we are invited to step up and expand our service work. Process work for this includes deeper recalibrations through the energy bodies, third eye and crown chakra. Our base chakra starts to grounds new frequencies of coming home, amplified through the higher heart and the kundalini energy starts to shift beyond the sacral chakra as new Solar Light patterns emerge. Additionally the higher trajectory timelines are bringing into this Now timelines of new/old service blueprints as we merge with and integrate our multidimensional Selves and Higher Selves through these Golden Age Timelines of Light.

With the latest round of DNA upgrades and purging’s going on within our bodies and the body of Mother Earth, many are needing to take time out to rest and rejuvenate as the Divinely inspired Light codes of Unity and Service connect with the energy of the Divine Mother as well as Sirian Consciousness, the primary gateway of Soul embodiment, or Higher Selves.

This higher vision of Soul purpose connects into the pineal gland and for some headaches in expanding consciousness and for others, greater levels of sensitivity. We are the observers, dreaming our reality into creation through the organic Christed Timelines and new Stargates, along with the impulsing of the rays of Shamballa, Overlighted by our Galactic families, Angelic Realms, Brotherhood of the Light and Sisterhood of the Rose.

Mother Mary comes forward with Sananda, Jesus the Christ, inviting us to experience the Mother/Queen archetype and Father/King archetype. To truly feel our power, our wisdom, our knowing, our Divine Heart, beating as One. One Love and One Unified Field of Light. We hear the call of the Universe and we respond to the invitation.

We activate our Light Bodies and as initiates of Light, we enter into the Sirian Temple of the Goddess. Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of Light, the Brotherhood of the Light and the Sisterhood of the Rose, we attune to the Pink Sirian Seed Crystal within this Temple which activates the pink flame of Divine, compassionate Love within our loving hearts. We initially merge with our Higher Self/Sirian Christed ET Self as we dissolve and transmute emotional and etheric debris no longer needing to be experienced; particularly old emotional ties or misused or abused heart energy imprintings as the Akashic records on the lower timelines continue to dissolve. Dissolving too mother issues and/or father issues.

The Sirian Temple of the Goddess embraces the Divine Masculine archetypal energy as it surrenders to the Divine Feminine archetype. Embracing, loving and appreciating our Divine Masculine Spirits and all they have done to defend us and protect us, honoring the masculine, honoring the feminine. In this rebalancing of our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, new spirals and portals of energy ignite within the body as the kundalini activates. We breathe deep into the body, allowing these Light codes of healing energy to be experienced within the body, as we lift our frequency into the higher dimensional fields of Light and embrace the full range of our emotions.

Our Sirian Higher Self places upon our head a headdress of a golden sun disc encoded with the new Light codes as well as the purpose of our Soul in this Now, awakening within us new gifts and new realities of unity and Love. As we find ourselves aligning to the Center of the Galaxy through this Vortex of the Goddess and our Higher Hearts, we connect into the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within our Hearts, the Sun, Central Sun, Great Central Sun and all Suns beyond this. As we align through all twelve dimensions of Light we merge with all Higher Selves and our Beloved I Am Presence.  Additionally we find ourselves embracing the Queen/Mother and/or King/Father archetypes.

We then experience a deepening sense of the twelve Solar Hierarchies and the gift of the Crown of Twelve Stars. What this means to us as Flames of Divinity, in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. We experience an energetic transmission connecting us to:

God Power
God Love
God Mastery
God Control
God Obedience
God Wisdom
God Harmony
God Gratitude
God Justice
God Consciousness
God Vision
God Victory

Around our headdress of this Golden Sun Disc, a crown of twelve stars appears, amplified in this moment by the super moon. And around our feet, a circle of red roses. And so it is. And so it is.

In this beautiful two hour telewebinar transmission Anrita Melchizedek guides us in an energetic encoded transmission as we deepen into the teachings of the Golden Rose, the Path of Christos-Sophia.


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