Wednesday, 29 June 2022

The Sirian-Lemurian Sacred Spine Creational Codes Activation


The Sirian-Lemurian Sacred Spine Creational Codes Activation

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek



Saturday July 2nd – 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT, 7pm GMT

London/Lisbon 8pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 5am (July 3rd), Auckland 7am (July 3rd)


Beloved hearts,

As these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Beloved I Am That I Am, we amplify the collective Christed Consciousness field through being the Crystalline Grid and connecting into the Heart of Gaia. With this, we experience merging timelines of our Highest Potential, all experienced simultaneously relative to our level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Expressed primarily in the form of intricate geometric overlays and patterns, Light codes, numerology, sound and color frequencies, we connect with our multidimensional Selves, Ascended Selves and Galactic Higher Selves to embody ALL THAT WE ARE as Source Light. 

Whilst numerous timelines present, for the Collective in this Now, we are offered an opportunity to deepen into the energy of Lemuria through the Overlighting of our Sirian Higher Selves.

We could say Lemuria is New Earth. It is the sacred space within that aligns our Universe to God Consciousness as we vibrate out of old Earth and become the anchor points, the vibrating Stargates of Divine Love for New Earth, where all is Love and Love is ALL THERE IS. With this, we open the gateways and portals and hold them open for all to walk the path of Divine Love, all who vibrate at the frequency of New Earth.

Lemuria shows up in our reality through our ability to connect deeply with Gaia as the Divine Mother and to nurture and Love ourselves and all within our reality. It is the rainbows, sunrises, sunsets, innocence, purity and magic within our Lives from which we express our joy as Soul/Soular Light and as One Heart and One Love. It is our ability to breathe the atmosphere of Plasma Light as we integrate Photonic Light, Cosmic Rays and the Geometries of New Earth. It is our connection to Nature, Nature Spirit Intelligence, plants and animals and the ability to communicate and connect telepathically through the Quantum Field with our Brothers and Sisters of the Light, as the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.

In the timeline of Lemuria, we lived amongst our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and many of us chose to down step our vibration and take on human form to expand the Consciousness of Humanity, as we are doing in this timeline, in this Now. Our Sirian Brothers and Sisters and Sirian Higher Selves that lived amongst us in that Now looked almost like Dolphin Beings, and many chose to incarnate as Dolphins and Whales too.

When it came to Healing Work, aligning ever deeper to the Divine, the Sirian Archangelic League offered us powerful tools for Soul Embodiment, working with the body and energy field, as the primary focus for Physical Ascension. In addition to this, we often worked with Crystals, particularly the Lemurian Andara Crystals which created the multidimensional interface atomically through the DNA for us to anchor Heaven on Earth, Unity Consciousness. Indeed, one of the qualities of the Andara Glass Crystals is the high quantity of Etherium found within these crystals, which activates the Light Codes for New Earth and assists in maintaining our Consciousness at higher dimensional bandwidths of Source Light.

One of the Healing Methods that we greatly enjoyed in aligning with Source and shifting dimensionally was working through the Spine, in particular, a healing method we called the Sirian-Lemurian Sacred Spine Creational Codes Activation.

Our Spine, the first structure that forms inside the womb, has 33 vertebrae, and each vertebra of the lumbar spine holds a different focus of our Spiritual journey and further to this, amplifies the ability for the spine to become the Operating System for our New Earth Bodies. Essentially, our Spines are a Pillar, an Axis between Heaven and Earth. Additionally, working with the Spine, we align with the Master Number of 33, containing the Light Codes of Self Mastery and Ascension.

For many of us through, in this Now, our backs, and in particular our lower back and spine, holds much of the density of karmic third dimensional realities. Whilst we activate the powerful root chakra kundalini energy to release old programs, false beliefs and judgments through the chakras, these holding patterns can take time to release and dissolve as we expand beyond the old and into the new. This is often due to the sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of the spine which can store the energy of fear. Additionally, the pelvis area has to do with our drive and power and the ability to move forward with clarity and direction. However, many of us gave away our power along the lower timelines, and some of us still lack the ability to make clear choices highest aligned with New Earth.

Our entire Spine holds different programs. As we move up the spine, L5 is the lowest vertebrae. It connects with our sacrum and involves flexibility in our relationships, support, or lack thereof. Moving up the spine, L4 is the seat of our emotions, particularly grief. L3 is about acceptance from our families and communities. L2 has to do with our ability to support ourselves upon this sacred earth through our heart’s joy.  The top lumbar vertebra, L1, has to do with stability and perceptions of our reality. Indeed, all is about balance beloved hearts.

Although there are many techniques we can utilize to assist in releasing the old programs through the spine, such as shaking the body, moving the pelvis back and forth and from side to side, as well as child’s pose, one of the more powerful  techniques to balance Heaven and Earth and support our New Earth realities is the Sirian-Lemurian Sacred Spine Creational Codes Activation.

In this process, we activate the Stargate of our Loving Hearts, and merge with our Sirian Higher Selves to deepen into greater levels of our Power and Sovereignty. Through the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and the Andarians, who bring through the Lemurian Andara Crystals energetically for Multidimensional Interface, we then anchor and activate 33 Cosmic Christ Holographic discs carrying the Creations Codes in a beautiful Diamond Light through each vertebra of the spine. Each Creation Code is a high vibration template containing the mapping, remembrance and restoration of our New Earth Body taking us deeper into Faith, Peace, Harmony, Love, Awareness, Manifestation, Abundance and so on. In addition to this, these Sacred Spine Creational Codes connect into the back and muscles and expand the space around the back heart chakra.

 With particular breathing techniques, we then focus on the flow of these Diamond Light Creations Codes through the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, to activate the Pineal Gland for the remembrance and embodiment of timelines of Self Mastery.

 Join us in this powerful healing session beloved hearts, experienced energetically in a light encoded transmission with invocations and affirmations as we continually create our New Earth Bodies as the Light of God We Are.

Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.


Friday, 3 June 2022

Sirian Initiation of Empowerment Masterclass

Sirian Initiation of Empowerment


As we deepen into this sacred year of 2022 beloved hearts, all aligns for us through the 222 Light Codes of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, and in this Now, into new levels of Empowerment, Expression and Divine Service.

As our Beloved I Am Presence, and One with the Beloved I Am Presence of All Awakening and Awakened Souls, we are offered an opportunity to experience a Sirian Initiation of Empowerment, also known as the Initiation of Revelation, through the first ray of Will and Power.

To further understand the facet of this Divine Plan and how we will experience this Gateway, beloved hearts, we bring our focus to the influx of Light experienced through the Resurrection Codes, and the Pink-Orange Flame of Compassion and Love, which ignited and expanded from within our Loving Hearts, to blaze around our bodies and energy fields. With this, as the collective I Am Avatar Consciousness, we upgraded our Light and Love Quotient and expanded in frequency, energy, and vibration into our fifth dimensional Solar Crystalline Light Bodies, where all is expressed with greater levels of Christ Consciousness as pure Divine Love, from the purity and innocence within. This takes us into Zero-Point, beloved hearts, into the eternal Divine Ever-Present Continuum of Source Light, expressed through the stillness of our Loving Hearts as the Light of God We Are.

This is the experience too, beloved hearts, of our more feminine fifth dimensional aspects, and the “Being” aspects of Self, as we go deep within, to nurture, Love, appreciate and let go of all that no longer serves. Each Now moment offers us an opportunity to slow down, to be more present, as the Witnessing Presence of the Beloved I Am. With the sub-atomic particles continuously spinning in increased light frequencies, this state of expansion, of Christ Consciousness, of Soul embodiment and Photonic Light, can be very dreamlike, and very surreal. Much cleansing and purification is experienced and continues, particularly within the physical body, as we clear the density and carbon-based frequencies, and release, dissolve, collapse and transcend many old programs, parallel realities, and karmic timelines. Simultaneously we merge/converge into various multidimensional realities, timelines, and aspects of Self, such as our Angelic Selves, Galactic, Christed, Lemurian, Atlantean, ancient Egyptian, Dolphin, Mermaid, and Fairy Selves.

As we hold a higher state of consciousness at particular frequencies for long enough, this expansion is experienced within the body and within the cells, and with this, we start to create the crystalline gridding system within our bodies. We activate the crystals within our bodies that create the various Light Bodies as well as connect deeper into the 144 Unity Grid as vibrating Stargates of Divine Love and as the Unity Grid. This connection through the One Heart releases separation as we draw upon the energy of Gaia, as our Divine Mother, and all that presents through the Elements and Nature, the Sun and Moon, Solar Flares, Gamma Rays, Cosmic Rays, and Inner Plane connections.

These Christed aspects of Self, our Purity and Innocence, expressed through the Golden Sun within, expands through the Stargate of our Loving Heart and connects into the Higher Mind as we activate and program the DNA with our own consciousness and Light. This in turn activates the Pineal Gland, and these crystals within the Pineal Gland, as Diamond Light frequencies, create an orbit from the Higher Mind into the Loving Heart and back into the Higher Mind, with the Higher Mind becoming the Divine Intelligence of the Loving Heart. Additionally, our Golden Sun, our Inner Christ, expands into the Solar Plexus Chakra as the Seat of the Soul, as Soular Christ Consciousness, and a second Stargate activates within the Navel. A third Stargate further activates within the Perineum Center, connecting into the original Divine Blueprinting as well as the becoming the central Stargate and conduit for which all kundalini and pranic energy flows, as the spine, and cerebrospinal fluid take center stage as the New Earth operating system for our physical bodies, our Temples of Light. Additionally, it is the cerebrospinal fluid that connect through the base of the brain and into the Pineal Gland, creating pressure on the Pineal Gland, which then activates the Third Eye with the memories of all initiations and timelines of Self Mastery. In essence, taking us beyond the Veils and Ring-Passeth-Nots, and into Cosmic Christ Consciousness/God Consciousness, and this is experienced primarily when we are able to enter a Gamma LightBody Brain-Wave State of Consciousness.

It is here beloved hearts, that we journey, into the Initiation of Empowerment, aligning our will ever deeper to the Will and Power of God and with this, stepping into new levels of Divine Service, expressed through the Divine Masculine aspects of Self. Our Divine Masculine Energy is the "DOing" in Service in Love, through our inner power. This is a sixth dimensional aspect of Self beloved hearts, and presents through our Sirian Higher Self aspects, and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and the Inner Plane Ascended Masters. 

We are invited into the Great White Lodge on Sirius, to experience this initiation. This initiation is very powerful, beloved hearts, clearing any and all levels of disempowerment, abuse and misuse of power and will be tangibly felt and experienced. Simultaneously we unlock the next level of our Divine Service from within, as the wayshowers, gate keepers, grid keepers and Flames of Divinity upon this sacred earth. The dreaminess is replaced with the ability to do and become, with greater levels of Manifestation, Magnetization, Abundance, Love, Power, Peace, Wisdom, Harmony and Knowledge as we merge into new levels of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects, living New Earth.

Join us Beloved Hearts, as we travel in Soul Consciousness into the Great White Lodge on Sirius for the next level of the Divine Plan for all awakened and awakening Souls.

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