Friday, 15 January 2016

Update from Anrita Jan2016

Precious hearts,

Welcome to 2016, the fourth year of this new Golden Age of Light. From a ray perspective, this year is Overlighted by the sixteenth ray of Intergalactic Service and the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light. It is so much about the expansion and integration of our magnificence and Light through the Andromedan Divine Masculine Keycodes of Light and the Venusian Feminine Keycodes of Love through our Golden Rose Galaxy and the Galactic Center and I look forward to sharing a deeper understanding of these energies in our monthly transmissions, as we continue to walk the pathway of Divine Love.

For now, I wanted to thank you all for being in my life as co-creators, and precious Soul friends and family; supporting and loving, as we share our stories and move deeper into the next level of our Soul’s blossoming and Light ~ and to give you an update on my beautiful boys, Ben and Caelin, now 8 and 6 respectively.

As many of you are aware, Ben and Caelin were abducted by my ex-husband in August 2012. At that time, my ex-husband took the boys to Portugal without my consent or knowledge. What followed was a three year “court battle” and by the Grace of God, the Portuguese court “awarded” me the children in June 2015 and I returned back home, to Cape Town, around 10 days after this with the boys.

I always trusted in this process and the knowing that I would get the boys back home safely. I trusted in the knowing that I was creating a bridge of Divine Love for myself and others, and I trusted in the knowing that through forgiveness, compassion, justice, truth and Love, all would be well.

During these three years, I cleared at the deepest levels of my beingness remnants of the victim and persecutor consciousness, letting go of blame (it took some time), being able to embrace my anger and then my broken heart. Embracing, loving, accepting and at some point appreciating this experience and all that is has brought to me and my family in terms of our Soul’s Forward Evolution.

The first couple of months with the boys back home was very difficult. They did not know me very well and had been brainwashed into believing I had done a lot of bad things to them, so to heal our wounds and build a relationship of trust and Love would take a little time. They were emotionally very imbalanced. Ben, my eldest, was very angry and Caelin, my youngest had a nervous tic, and was also very emotional and weepy. They had issues between them too, with Ben being very jealous of his younger brother, who had been favored by his father in Portugal. They would also hit me and kick me and use bad language.

I put them on flower and gem essences as well as homeopathic remedies during the first couple of months for loss, abandonment, anger, grief and related symptoms. I did a lot of my own healing work, working with an etheric healing team as well as guided visualizations and affirmations for happy kids, and also worked with the EFT modality, and continue to do so. They seem to like the tapping, and I have found it works well to calm them. I also use a chart system of stickers and rewards and this works well too.

They spoke very little English initially so while I looked for a good school, they went every day for five weeks to an English tutor, and I was then able to place them in a good international school from the first week in August.

At this time we have no contact with their father but it is my great hope that he will choose to be a part of their lives. To this end, I have drafted an agreement with my local lawyer which was recently sent to him in the hope that we may move forward together with the best interests of the boys at heart.

Ben and Caelin are now back at school and have made many new friends and settled in so well. Ben still shouts, but not like he used too. He is starting to feel a lot more secure within himself. For the first couple of months he never laughed and when I heard him laugh for the first time, my heart just melted. He has moved into the next grade, grade 2, although he stayed back last year due to his limited English. Caelin has moved into the next grade, grade 1, and is catching up a little bit but doing well. He no longer has a nervous tic. I gave him magnesium for this, and vitamin B, and he is really a strong, and energetically sensitive Soul. There was a night a few months back in which he came to me with these beautiful Yin/Yang mandalas and the Star Of David (Melchizedek) he had drawn and colored in. He then asked to light some sage, cleansed the house and then invited me into his room, where he went into a Buddha pose and chanted for around a half hour. So revealing of the Souls of our awakened children. And so beautiful. We also did a little “Light Language” chanting together and should you be interested in listening to this two minute chant, you can go to our free downloads section at ~

For me, I feel so blessed to have my boys back home. They often end up sleeping with me at night and we spend a lot of time together and when we go out, we all go out together, with Sunday’s being “their day”. There is laughter, and fun in our house and I am so delighted that they boys have settled in so well.

My heart is filled with so much Love and interestingly, still so much grief and sadness. I had imagined that once I had the boys back home, all my sadness, my broken heart would dissolve into Love. While this process is indeed happening, what I have come to see is that we are dissolving this grief and pain for all humanity and at times, we move into the swirl of the full embrace of our emotions; deepening into the Galactic Center, holding and loving and accepting the wounds of humanity; and from here, experiencing the new DNA upgrades, crystalline frequencies, and the Divine Masculine and Feminine rebalancing and now too, the re-emergence of the Divine Masculine. So much is going on multidimensionally, and I have personally being experiencing these new high frequency upgrades and activations through Andromeda and Venus. A powerful time indeed as we recognize through our emotions, thoughts and feelings that we are One with God and One with all Life. That we are all One.

My story is your story and your story is mine. I am just so grateful that I have had your Love and support throughout my journey my sweet friends, and continue to do so. As you know, I too am always here for each one of you. I so truly appreciate you and Love you.  
Thank you precious hearts. Happy New Year. May it be a most magical year for us all.

From my Heart to Yours, to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek