Friday, 10 January 2020

Activating the Multiverse Crystalline Light Codes of the Diamond Heart Lunar Eclipse Passage

Greetings beloved hearts,

If you have been experiencing a range of oscillating emotions, anxiety, deep grief or sadness coming up, being tired or more lethargic lately, or find yourselves in a passageway of temporary confusion as to your Soul’s purpose and passion, surrender to this experience in the knowing that you are moving into the next level of your Soul’s Forward Evolution, ready to experience the Clarity and Vision offered in this sacred year of 2020. During this month of Spiritual Awakening and Soul Embodiment and through the Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on January 10th, the next wave of Multiverse Crystalline Consciousness enters through and from within the Great Central Sun, the Central Sun, the Galactic Center and Sun, and basks our planet and all planets within our solar system with new light encoded heart expanding New Earth Templates. And within the stillness of our loving hearts, we are offered the light infused ascension codes of our highest potential as conscious co-creators to the Divine to ignite the Diamond Heart, the Heart of One, whilst clearing all that no longer needs to be experienced.

We are propelled into this Stargate Activation of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10th. With this Planetary Activity of Light, we receive the Multiverse Crystalline Light Codes of the Diamond Heart amplified through the sacred sites, vortices and portals of Mother Earth to release, purge and purify old emotionally charged thoughts and feelings no longer needing to be experienced from within the polarity timelines. Additionally this powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse activates new timelines, and amplifies our service work as we step into new beginnings and new roles with a gentleness and ease that comes like a breathe of grace and empowerment, after our many perceived challenges or initiations of Light over eons of time.

As we breathe deep into the body, we take a momentary pause for reflection, evaluation and the focus of our soul’s path, ready to step into new levels of Soul Embodiment with a deeper understanding of how we can expand our Service work as the Light of God We Are upon this sacred earth. We hold the Diamond Flame of Mother/Father God within our Loving Hearts as we experience this Solar/Soul Heart Expansion, which activates initially through Uluru, the heart of Australia, and from here into the primary sacred sites of Mother Earth and through and within our 12 body chakra system. It is no co-incidence at this Now moment that Australia is being cleansed through the Flame of Resurrection, to birth a/New Reality within the One Heart of All That Is.

Eclipses are important Now moments that align us ever deeper to the Heart of Mother/Father God and the next level of Soul expansion. And like the Phoenix Rising we are being rebirthed into the Divine Love of Mother/Father God through the Diamond Heart of Love and Unity with merging Golden Age timelines of Light; with the merging of multidimensional realities and the merging of Higher Dimensional Aspect of Self to deepen into the Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I AM. We are shedding all distorted patterns, false beliefs and judgments for all Life upon this sacred earth, particularly abuse and misuse of power. This Cosmic journey honors the timelines of karmic clearing and soul contracts to know ourselves as Love as we move beyond the density and frequencies of misaligned energies into the fifth dimensional New Earth Templates held within the Heart of Love.

Following this potent Eclipse, on January 12th we have a very powerful and rare Cosmic Alignment of Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the sign of Capricorn, with further plays an important role in transforming and creating our reality within the One Reality for 2020 and beyond!

With the alignment of Saturn and Pluto on the tail end of the Eclipse energy, whatever karmic contracts we are called to complete, may be experienced as more of a tsunami than a gentle ripple upon our chosen Life paths! The focus of this alignment further ignites within the collective consciousness to release areas of abuse and misuse of power, particularly within political institutes and corporations. We witness the wave of change drawing closer through political events staged within the US and Middle East, the UK and Australia, as examples. As many countries and places now go through major shifts in consciousness, frequency shifts within the lower astral grids bring a focus to the distortions being cleared in this Saturn and Pluto alignment as more Love and Light enters through the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

It is certainly a good time to remind ourselves that we have said to the Universe to “Bring it On”. Whatever needs to shift within our lives, whether this be addictions to health issues to relationships to work and/or financial issues, all will be experienced through a very deep cellular clearing within the Heart of Love. We simply surrender to All That Is, trusting in the Universe, and trusting in Life as we hold, like Mother Earth, all Life within our sacred Diamond Hearts.

The primary focus of these Planetary activities occurring in January will plant the seeds of new timelines and new ways of being through our Awakened Hearts, and the Soul Consciousness of Truth and Higher Perspectives.  Deeper moments of being in the Now and grounding our perfect Soul purpose and heart’s dreaming is the emerging Voice of Unity that offers the Vision and Insight as to our collective co-creations at this time. We find deepening levels of our Soul note and deepening levels of Divine Inspiration bringing a renewed sense of joy and purpose into our lives.

Amplifying these Planetary activities, on January 11, we have Uranus going direct after being retrograde since August 11, 2019. The illuminating effect of Uranus will assist to bring clarity and insight as to the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light.

The effects of this Lunar Eclipse and Planetary gateways sow the seeds of renewal and new beginnings for the next six months in this Golden Age of Light, when we enter the New Moon Solar Eclipse and Solstice Gateway on June 21st, and actualize the Light Codes of the Diamond Heart.

This is our time now to shine and fully release and transmute, embrace, surrender and accept All That Is in the Knowing that We Are the Sacred Flames of Divinity and the Light of God upon this sacred earth. As we do, we allow for the highest outcome of our choices and hearts dreaming to prevail. And so it is. And so it is.

The Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

During the full moon peak a penumbral eclipse will partially shade about 90 percent of the moon for a bit more than four hours, but will be visible from Africa, Europe, Asia, Alaska and Australia.
Penumbral Eclipse begins January 10th at 17:07:44 GMT/09:07:44 PST
Maximum Eclipse January 10th at 19:10:02 GMT/11:10:02 PST
Penumbral Eclipse ends January 10th at 21:12:19 GMT/13:12:19 PST

Activating the Multiverse Crystalline Light Codes of the Diamond Heart
Lunar Eclipse Passage

Friday January 10th at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm GMT
Los Angeles 9am, New York 12pm, London/Lisbon 5pm

Join us in this free telewebinar transmission with Anrita Melchizedek as we deepen into the Lunar Eclipse Stargate and ignite and activate the Multiverse Crystalline Light Codes of the Diamond Heart. At the time of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, the Diamond Heart Light Codes spiral forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and the Great Central Sun, the Central Sun, the Sun and into the vortex of Uluru in Australia and then into all major vortices and sacred sites of Mother Earth, additionally activating through our 12 primary chakras. We are further offered and opportunity to birth new creations through the Diamond Heart and accelerate our integration of the New Earth Templates, as we collectively increase the Love and Light Quotient through and within the Unity Grid and within our own bodies to deepen the pathway of Divine Love for all awakening and awakened Souls upon this sacred earth.

We are ready now to embody the Light Codes of the Diamond Heart as we step into the next level of our Soul's Forward Evolution, and deeper into Solar Crystalline Consciousness. As our chakras start to merge in One Unified Field of Light and Soul Embodiment accelerates, we experience the merging of Golden Timelines and Higher Dimensional Aspects of Self whilst further activating the Diamond Solar-Plasma Light DNA as we bring a focus to our Highest Potentiality, Heart’s Dreaming and New Beginnings.

As we end this transmission, we take assist in activating the Golden Solar Sun Shield of Divine Love around this sacred Earth and around our energy fields and bodies.  And so it is. And so it is.


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