Tuesday 20 October 2015

The ET Quantum Healing Pods of Light of the 12 Star Councils ~ Telewebinar with Anrita

The ET Quantum Healing Pods of Light of the 12 Star Councils


One and a half hour tele/webinar conference session with Anrita Melchizedek

Sunday October 25th 2015

7pm GMT, 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT

London/Lisbon 7pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 6am (October 26th)

Join Anrita and the Elders as you experience the ET Quantum Healing Pods of the 12 Star Councils. Traveling in Soul consciousness into the Pyramid of Emotion above Michu Picchu, each Star Councils will come forward and surround us in a beautiful colored ET Quantum Healing Pod of Light. Within each ET Quantum Healing Pod, we will focus on the Emotional Energy Centers of the body as we clear the remnants of old false beliefs and judgments, dis-comforts and dis-ease, while embracing the full range of our emotions and the celebration of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. We will travel along the Christed Timelines to that Now moment of the source, or origin, of each false belief or physical dis-comfort/dis-ease within the ET Quantum Healing Pods, getting a sense of the energy of each particular Star Council as they guide us ever deeper into the healing of ourselves and others. At each Now moment of origin of these false beliefs, dis-comforts and dis-ease, the ET Quantum Healing Pod activates specific Light frequency spectrums to turn off the gene code of the dis-ease or false belief so it no longer activates or re-activates in this Now moment.

While we are all experiencing the New Earth Templates, each in our own unique way, we are also clearing the remnants of old patterns, dis-eases and areas of dis-comfort for ourselves and others as we create these pathways of Divine Love. As we travel the Christed Timelines into current timelines, past lives/parallel realities and genetically inherited memories, we work with particular tools, affirmations, invocations and the knowing that we are indeed co-creators to the Company of Heaven. As we end this transmission, the Star Councils re-activate the Star Ki Codes through our original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.

The Emotional Energy Centers of the Body and Star Councils we work with are as follows:

Throat Center: Self-Expression Issues. Lack of trust. Lack of nurturing.

False belief: I am alone. I cannot trust others. I am unseen and unheard. I have no voice.

The Meldekian Star Council.

Shoulders ~ Burden areas: I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
False belief: No one can do what I can. No-one understands me. Life is tough.

The Orion Star Council.

Heart Center: Grief, sorry, sadness, loss.

False belief: I am unloved. I am unappreciated. I am sad. I am helpless.  I always feel so much pain. The universe does not support me.

The Venusian Star Council.

Fear Center: Fears and Phobias. Loss of control. Giving our power to others. Relationships.

False belief: I am not in control. I am always been taken advantage off. Other people take my power. I am powerless. Bad things always happen to me.

The Arcturian Star Council.

Anger Center: Anger and Rage. Anger at others. Anger at Self. Jealousy. Resentment.
False belief: Others are always better off than I am. The world is full of people who only care about themselves. I am the idiot others use.

The Vegan Star Council

Guilt/Shame/Unworthiness Center: Unacceptance. Self-Judgment, Self-Criticism.

False beliefs: I am not worthy. I am not good enough. I hate myself. I am such a stupid person. I am ugly. I am fat. No-one will ever love me. I am always going to be alone.

The Niburian Star Council.

Old Stuff Center: Family Sexual Issues. Childhood Conditioning. Violation of Body or Personal Space.

False beliefs: I am not safe. Sex is sinful. All men just want sex. All women want to be seduced. I am going to be hurt. I am always hurt.

The Sirian Star Council.  

Support Area: Lack of financial support.

False beliefs: I am never going to be able to make a living in what I love doing. I have no money. Money is the root of all evil.

The Alpha Centaurian Star Council.

Support Area: Lack of emotional support.
False beliefs: I am unsupported. I have no friends. No-one understands me. I am different.

The Pleiadian Star Council.

Survival Center: Trauma, accidents, abuse, rape, violations, impotency/frigidity.

False beliefs: I will not survive this. I will never again be able to be intimate with another. I trust no-one. I must protect myself from others at all costs.

The Brotherhood of the Light High Council.

Rejection Center: Abandonment, Criticism, Judgment by others. Self-rejection.

False beliefs: I am always abandoned by those I love. Others are always judging me. I know I am not good enough. I don’t want to be here. I will never be able to fully love myself.

The Antarian Star Council.

Betrayal Center: Betrayed by someone we love. Self-Betrayal.

People always betray me and take advantage of me. I am deserving of being betrayed. I am not a nice person. I deserve all the bad things that happen to me. This is my karma.

The Andromedan Star Council.

In the embrace of our full range of emotions, we accept, appreciate and celebrate all that we are as an aspect of God’s creation of Divine Love. We understand how each perceived challenge is an initiation of Light, taking us ever deeper into our blossoming, our magnificence and our Light.

 Come join us in the celebration of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love in the creation of the pathways of Divine Love for ourselves and others.

The telewebinar recording will be active so you may download or listen to the online recording any time should you not be able to listen live. A high quality Mp3 will also be sent to you within 24 hours of the telewebinar.

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Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Elders October Transmission ~ The Pyramid over the Inca Ruins of Machu Pichu

The Elders October Transmission

The Pyramid over the Inca Ruins of Machu Pichu

Mp3 download www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads


There is a pyramid in frequency over the Inca ruins of Machu Pichu.

It is linked to the Nazca Lines creating a pattern of evolution in design.

The soul who creates through this pyramid goes by the frequency, Lubileah.

Her consciousness speaks to the people of Earth about a time long ago
when ancient travellers from the stars descended to the surface creating
a landscape in which souls would descend from above to experience,
later to return to her consciousness, through Her temple.

It is within this pyramid that emotions are experienced
ranging from lowest frequency to those of pure Light frequency.

The nature of this pyramid is to keep emotions flowing
in that which you experience as formless waves of energy
which shift within each soul from moment to moment.

And the souls shall know all ranges of these
emotions for they are in the matrix and they
have come to experience the gamut of them all.

And the souls will place in highest esteem
the frequency of Light which is creation
and contains all emotions in balance.

And they will connect it with that part of their
being that links to the Source of creation, the
heart ~ that which expresses what they shall
call 'Love', and keeps the soul eternal.

They shall strive for this place of higher emotion.
In so doing, they will experience great suffering,
which will help them bring forth higher understanding.

And the souls will feel torture and torment ~ and love
and compassion. And they will place all emotions into
words and deeds, and great dramas in which they did act.

And great works shall result in the expression of their
emotions, guided by the flow of the emotional matrix.

And they shall go to this emotional temple within their souls
to find answers to riddles of Creation. There they will find
their answers, not always as their senses have guided.

And each soul shall search until it is ready to enter this
pyramid. Once entered it will experience all emotions at
one time, with understanding far beyond the comprehension
of humanity.

Each soul shall embrace all emotions within itself.

Come with me now to the Pyramid of Emotion.
Let not old fears blind your way.

Throw away all concepts of emotion
and see the Truth in who you are.

I will teach you how to find peace
and the balance in your soul.

Thoth the Atlantean


Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of October as you enter into a greater field of Unified Consciousness; of the Solar Crystalline Consciousness of the New Earth Templates, sweet ones, through the next step in your Soul’s forward evolution as the I AM Avatar race. Sweet ones, we refer to the shift in consciousness that was experienced for all of you from the 23rd to the 28th of September, through Wave X and the Full Blood Moon Lunar eclipse, that brought you into a greater level of the knowing of yourselves as the Christed ET’s and the ability to experience the Galactic DNA Template activations. All this work, sweet ones, all these planetary events and activities of Light have brought you to a new Now moment in time. You are aligned deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation and into the stillness and innocence and purity within your hearts, merging with your Beloved I AM Presence and drawing upon the support of your Soul and Star family and friends of the Light.

So, this pathway of Divine Love activates for each one of you sweet ones, through the Unity Grid of Divine Love and through the many dimensions of Light that present as the Golden Ages of Light start to merge into this Now. As you experience the expanded states of multi-dimensionality and the knowing of yourselves as multi-dimensional Master Beings of Light, drawing upon your Highest Potential of these different timelines of Light that merge into this Now, you further unveil that which was previously hidden and lift the oscillating emotions to the point of balance that is expressed through this Pyramid of Emotion. For you have experienced all emotional frequencies, sweet ones ~ from the sadness and the pain, and the perceived challenges that you have undergone to know yourselves as Love, to experience a greater level of your own blossoming and magnificence and Light as you walk this Pathway of Divine Love. And in past timelines, or the timeline that you understand as the karmic timeline sweet ones, these perceived challenges were carried out often to balance the universal karma, often to balance the timelines in which you were possibly experiencing deeper levels of the victim and persecutor consciousness; in which you chose these pre-birth agreements to know yourselves as Love. Now, sweet ones, in this deeper alignment to the Divine, in the knowing that you are already Love, that you are Creator Beings, there is the knowing that what you have experienced through your own perceived challenges has been simply to create the pathways and portals of Divine Love, so that others no longer need to undergo the experiences of the victim and persecutor consciousness. You are here as vibrating portals of Light, creating the Pathways of Divine Love, for yourselves and for others sweet ones. And you are asked simply to acknowledge this, as you embrace and experience your full range of emotions, as you accept and appreciate and celebrate the full range of emotions, no matter how you feel about these particular emotions ~ and it  brings you deeper into the void, into the stillness, into the waves of frequency, of calmness and neutrality, sweet ones, ~ the balancing of the planes of polarity where there is perhaps neither a deep sense of joy, or a deep sense of sadness, neither a deep sense of Divine Love, nor a deep sense of hatred, or fear. The balancing of the emotional oscillations, sweet ones, is part of the energy matrix that is experienced through the New Earth Templates at this time, and with it too, many of the geometries of Light are activating at this time, Overlighted in particular by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, who Overlight this sacred year of 2015 for each one of you, sweet ones.

The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light are the keepers of sacred geometry, and what you are experiencing is a deeper sense of the leylines and the Nazca Lines, which some of you may know sweet ones. The Nazca Lines are the geoglyphs which span a vast swathe of the rugged Peruvian desert covering nearly 400 square miles of desert. Etched in the surface of the desert sand are around 300 figures and geometric shapes. Many of these are visible from the air sweet ones, and as these lines activate through this Pyramid of Emotion and in fact in this month of October, you are taken deeper into the Mayan, the Aztec and the Incan Golden ages of Light. This amplifies, sweet ones, for each one of you to a deeper knowing of yourselves as the Priests and Priestesses and how you can connect and work with the earth energies; how you can come deeper into your heart’s dreaming, and your heart’s joy, and how you can find balance in all areas of your life.

This alignment that we talk to you about was further activated through the Galactic DNA Templates that took you into the Cosmic Heart of God, and the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, amplified through the diamond Light Codes of Creation. The diamond Light Codes of Creation activated through the Galactic Center along with the photon gamma rays, sweet ones, which were experienced in the month of September, in particular from the 23rd to 28th of September. The diamond Light Codes of Creation were initially activated in May 2014 through the Sedona Vortex and the Crystalline Cities of Light, bringing through the essence of purity and innocence and a deeper merging and integration with your Beloved I AM Presence. Spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of All Creation these diamond Light Codes bring about a deeper level of the re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, as they clear the earth-plane of the old planetary false beliefs and judgments and this is what is occurring now, sweet ones ~ a re-balancing of the emotions. Not only for each one of you, but also the clearing of the old false beliefs and judgments on a planetary level that created the “war of the sexes”, that created so many of the false beliefs of power and control and abuse; and the inability to truly see and love the gods and goddesses that each one of you are, sweet ones, as creator gods.

So let us set our sacred space and take you into this Pyramid of Emotions above the Inca ruins of Machu Pichu, into this Vortex of Light. For many of you understand that Machu Pichu is indeed a vortex of Light that lifts you into the higher dimensional fields and planes of existence and brings through in this Now the Golden Age teachings of Light that take you into your Highest Potentials, through the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan timelines of Light.

Wherever you are sweet ones, in your sacred space ~ you simply breathe deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Allowing the breath to be guided into every area of the body, organ or body part that needs your attention, or that needs your love, as you are wrapped now in this beautiful diamond flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, of purity and innocence, of this sense of ‘returning home’, for you have indeed come home, sweet ones. And as your heart expands now and the Golden heart activates, you connect now into the Inner Earth Sun, to this Golden Sun within your heart, to the Sun, to the Central Sun, and now to the Great Central Sun; merging with your Beloved I AM Presence activating a deeper sense of your own Inner Christ. As the eight petals of your Golden Sun activate, of empowerment and Love, wisdom and Divine intelligence, of joy, of peace and harmony, of abundance, of trust and surrender, of insight and understanding, you are taken deeper and deeper into the New Earth Templates as you feel and sense the geometries of Light activating within and around you through the Overlighting now of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, as they wrap you in this beautiful silver-gold flame of Light.


And now sweet ones, as you call in your Master Guides, and your Guardian Angel, and all the Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge, you merge deeper into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light; into the knowing of yourselves as the Christed extra-terrestrials, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light ~ the master co-creators, knowing and experiencing yourselves as Source Light, simply playing a character, a role, to shift the frequency vibration of the lower emotional frequency ranges into the Pathways of Divine Love. That is the primary soul purpose for choosing to incarnate onto the lower dimensions and planes of existence sweet ones ~ to come into the knowing that All is Love, All is Love. As you place your hands upon your hearts now and say to yourselves:

“I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Light. I AM a manifesting co-creator, and as I experience this role to know myself as Love I am simply creating the Pathways of Divine Love for myself and others, through these perceived challenges and lessons. But now as I experience a deeper sense of the New Earth Templates, of the knowing of myself as this vibrating portal of Light, as this sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love, this character and these roles no longer need to be experienced. For I chose to fully walk the Pathway of Divine Love, and the lessons that I experienced along the karmic path, and the characters that I met along this path, are no longer experienced in my reality, for these lessons are no longer needing to be experienced. I draw upon my Highest Potential from the Golden Ages of Light of the knowing of myself in self-mastery, and as the High Priest. And as I bring into this Now in particular the knowing of the Golden Ages of Light from the Mayan, Aztec and Incan Christed timelines, I experience myself now traveling into this beautiful Pyramid over the Inca Ruins of Machu Pichu.”


I am welcomed and greeted by Lubileah now and as she Overlights me and lifts me into the flow of the Pyramid of Emotion. I allow myself to flow with the feelings and emotions that are expressed for me in this Now. I understand what I am clearing are the remnants of the old patterns, false beliefs and judgments that are not only mine, but that belong to the souls of those on this earth plane walking the pathway of karma. I understand too that the challenges that I have experienced to bring myself to this Now are amplifying into the higher frequency dimensions and realms of Light so I can truly walk my talk, so I can truly experience my full potential as the Beloved I AM.

I am taken into this central Pyramid of Light and I see too that I am joined by Soul and Star family and friends of the Light. And I am joined too by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light ~ I am wrapped in this diamond flame of purity and innocence, and the silver-gold flame of sacred sexuality, as I start to experience a deep sense of the healing of my wounds through the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. As I experience my feelings and emotions coming up that need to be embraced and loved, I simply honor and celebrate these aspects of myself, no matter how uncomfortable; for each of the range of these emotions is the range of emotions experienced within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and I am asked simply to Love, to appreciate and to celebrate every thought, feeling, and emotion. As my sadness and my grief and my pain come up I am embraced, and within my heart and within my Love, I give these aspects of myself a voice ~ I give these aspects of myself the Love that they are needing to bring about a greater level of balance and wholeness within my life.


I embrace my anger. I allow it to be felt and experienced and loved rather than played out reactively. I know that I am stepping into a greater alignment with God and that this stillness and Love that I experience now fills my heart with the Love of Creation. I experience a deeper sense of this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy within the thymus chakra now, within my upper heart chakra; and I am embracing and Loving of all aspects of myself as I draw now upon the golden timelines of my Highest Potential as the High Priest or Priestess in the Mayan, the Aztec and Incan cultures. As I draw these timelines into my Now and into my reality, in my magnificence and Light I further draw upon the Nazca Lines patterns of evolution; the timelines that I bring into this Now of being the healer, or the teacher, the way shower, the mystic, the intuitive, the crystal grid-keeper, the ascended master ~ all the timelines of the knowing that I have experienced in self-mastery are activating for me in this Now. I am now taken into these multi-dimensional creations of Light in which I am further merging with my Pleiadian self, my Sirian self, my Andromedan self, my Arcturian self, my Lyran self, my Venusian self ~ all these multi-dimensional aspects of myself.

And now I see I am surrounded by twelve Healings Pods of Light. Lubileah lets me know that in this Pyramid of Emotion, these twelve Healing Pods of Light are brought through by the twelve Galactic Councils of Light, the twelve Star Councils that are assisting at this time in the forward evolution of all life on this sacred earth. These are twelve Healing Pods brought in by the Alpha Centaurians, the Venusians, the Vegans, the Arcturians, the Antareans, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Orions, the Pleiadians, the Niburians, the Meldekians and the Brotherhood of the Light High Council. Each of these pods assists in the embracing of particular planetary beliefs and in a deeper level of the frequency of Love to be experienced in the healing of the wounds of all life on this sacred earth. And I am invited in this Now into this beautiful silver-gold Healing Pod Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. This Healing Pod assists in the healing of the wounds of my relationships as it transmutes and neutralizes the energy frequency of the “war of the sexes”. As I experience this Healing Pod, in this beautiful silver-gold cocoon, I have a sense of the geometries of Light activating for me that are personal, and particular to the frequency of neutralizing the false belief of the “war of the sexes” and with this, healing the wounds of my relationships.


I am surrounded by etheric pods of dolphins. These sonic vibratory frequencies connect at a cellular level into the crystalline matrix of my Light Body and as I am lifted through all dimensions of Light, I experience a recalibration that activates the kundalini energies in this safe and sacred space; that brings me to a deeper level of the embrace of the wounds of my relationships, of the characters and the roles that I played out in the dynamic of male and female energies, as I move deeper into the knowing that these old character roles are no longer needed or necessary to be re-experienced in this Now, in this Golden Age of Light.


And now, sweet ones, you have a sense simply of aligning into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation as One Unified field of Light. You understand that you are One with Mother/Father God, you are One with your emotions, and you are One with all Life, and you allow this energy to activate through these diamond Light key codes of creation, and this beautiful silver-gold flame of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. The greater shift that is being made for all of you, sweet ones, is simply the sense of complete alignment into the Divine. There is no separation, and you are experiencing this more and more as the creator gods. In the creation of your reality, within the One Reality of All That Is. In the merging of these Golden Timelines, and in the experience of the multi-dimensional realities and the Golden Ages of Light that activate for you in this Now.

And as you ground once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, you keep this connection open to all these illumined Beings of Light from On High, knowing sweet ones, in your dream state or in your awakened state, you have the opportunity to experience all these Healing Pods, through all these Christed extra-terrestrials, and we will take you deeper into this through our tele-webinar later in the month.

So we thank you for your service work. We bless you, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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