Friday 15 April 2022

Activation of the Easter Resurrection Codes - You Tube Video

Activation of the Easter Resurrection Codes  

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Beloved hearts,

As we experience the Easter Resurrection Gateway, we usher in the next stage of the Divine Unfolding Plan of Mother/Father, as we deepen into New Earth as our Beloved I Am Presence and the Beloved I Am Presence of All Awakening and Awakened Souls, bringing online the Resurrection and Ascension Codes of Soul Embodiment, Living in Love, Unity, Community and Service to All.

As we pass through Passover, Easter and the Full Moon, and ever deeper into the Resurrection Codes of our Christed Overselves and Beloved I Am Presence, we are offered an opportunity to further program the dormant DNA in the creation of our I Am Avatar Blueprints and Light Bodies, and birth the fifth dimensional New Earth Templatings from deep, deep within.

This is a deeply sacred passage for us all as old timelines are dissolved and transcended, and we connect ever deeper into the One Heart of All That Is, in alignment to the fifth dimension and beyond. As we embody Source Light, as we deepen into the Golden Sun within, Photonic Light and the Inner Christ, and escalate into the next level of our Service work as the wayshowers, gatekeepers, grid keepers and Flames of Divinity, simultaneously clearing all that no longer serves in this Golden Age of Light.

The Awakening into New Earth is initially experienced as a deep heart felt connection to one another and to all Life as we lift our vibration through alignment to the codes of Purity, and Innocence, Sovereignty, Freedom and Truth within.

To access New Earth vibrationally we purge and clear and release density, while moving through each dimension, each level of consciousness and each program to the cellular restoration of crystalline consciousness, photonic plasma light and the ability to sustain our physical bodies as our Temples of Light.

We continually align and activate, integrate, recalibrate, synchronize and actualize, living in the Now, through the stillness of the loving heart and the wisdom of our higher mind, whilst clearing at a cellular level false beliefs, judgments, patterning’s and conditionings no longer needing to be replayed.

We are experiencing incredible shifts in consciousness, played out dimensionally and as we go ever deeper within, we experience our inner New Earth, living from the heart, as we are taken ever deeper upward into the Light.

Whilst 3D plays out all unconscious behaviour, 4D takes us into remembering and clearing, aligning and misaligning and 5D awakens and illuminates the three-fold flame of Power, Love and Wisdom within with multiple timelines, where All Is Love and Love is All There Is.

When we shift the inside, we shift the outside, and with the codes of Resurrection align through all dimensions of light as we reveal the next level of our Quantum Reality, telepathically expressed, deeply connected through our Golden Hearts as we activate the downloads, keycodes, numerologies, fractal geometries and sacred geometries that will prepare us to enter into the Inner Christ realms within, New Earth.

So let us go there now as One Heart, and One Unified Field of Light over this Easter Resurrection Gateway as we breathe in Love and breathe out Love, and feel this heart centered connection with one another and with all Life, as the Beloved I Am that I Am.

We now state:

We call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,

and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that we personally acknowledge,

as we now merge with our Beloved I Am Presence,

and the Beloved I Am Presence of all Souls upon this Sacred Earth,

as the I Am Avatar Race,

as the Light of God We Are,

as the Sacred Flames of Divinity We Are.


Through the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High,

as we collectively experience this Easter Resurrection Gateway of One Unity Consciousness,

we connect into the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love,

as the Grid and Stargates of Light,

downloading new keycodes, numerologies, fractal and sacred geometries,

and amplifying our collective Light as One Unified Field of Divine Love and Light.


As we go within now, breathing deep into the body,

breathing in Love and breathing out Love,

we are wrapped in the the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence,  the Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness and now the Pink Flame of Divine Love.

As this Three-Fold Flame ignites within our Loving Hearts,

we have a sense of of our Beloved I Am Presence, our beautiful Soul Light,

merging ever deeper with us,

as the Photonic Plasma Light, and Diamond Light codes of Crystalline Consciousness

enter into our Loving Hearts,

and through our Pineal Glands.


As the Easter Resurrection Codes ignite and activate through the Golden Sun within,

we align now to the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within, the Sun, Central Sun and now Great Central Sun,

as we merge into the Christed Light within, our Purity, our Innocence, our Divinity,

whilst releasing all that no longer serves us as the Light of God We Are.


As now, through these Easter Resurrection Codes igniting from deep within,

we see the Divinity within ourselves and the Divine Within All,   

with greater levels of appreciation, gratitude and acceptance, knowing that we are all One.

we are One with God,

we Are One with All Life,

all are our brothers and sisters.


As we continue to breath deep into the body, we wrap Mother Earth and all Life in these beautiful sacred Flames of Light, the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence, the Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness, and now the Pink Flame of Divine Love.

From the 3D matrix, and from within our cells,  we release old programs, false beliefs and judgments, lesser than and better than consciousness, victim/persecutor consciousness, and all that creates disempowerment, separation and fear.

As we rebalance our lower bodies,

as Open Hearts in this Golden Age of Light,

we experience the full range of our emotions in trust and surrender to the Divine.

We purify our lower mind through the Divine Mind of Mother/Father God, and open our Hearts to All That Is,

as we further release all perceived sense of separation,

for ourselves and for all Life upon this sacred earth, to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow.


These Resurrection Codes now activate and actualize within our Christed Hearts,

and now through each one of our chakras,

and now, into all the sacred sites and vortices of Mother Earth,

and now into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on this sacred Earth choosing the Path of Divine Love.


We are joined in heart and mind to all life on this sacred earth as the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light,

the collective Higher Light of all awakened souls.

We Are the Open Hearts in this Golden Age of Light

creating the Diamond Path for others and all Life.

We breathe in Unity,

we hold our breath for as long as we can,

and then breathe out separation and fear and pain.

We breathe in Unity,

we hold our breath,

and breathe out separation, fear and pain.


As we shift dimensionally now, into the fifth dimension and beyond,

lower timelines dissolve and collapse,

old energy and the old earth.

New mission codes now activate,

a deeper sense of our heart’s dreaming,  

and our heart’s joy activate, 

 divinely inspired in this moment,

 we experience greater moments of timelessness,

simply being,

with each Now moment presenting with greater levels of grace and ease, passion, and purpose.


We now state aloud: I Love You, giving our full name now,

I Love You, I Love You.