Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse May 26th

 Super Moon Lunar Eclipse May 26th

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Beloved Light Tribe

Our first eclipse of 2021 is here, as well as being the first total lunar eclipse in two years. The Super Moon Lunar Eclipse, also known as the Goodwill Festival of Humanity, occurs May 26th at 7.14am EST.

This is both a Super Moon, when the moon is at its closest to Earth and looks larger than usual, as well as a Blood Moon (when the sun’s rays are blocked by Earth, casting a reddish glow on the moon).

The energy of the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in the fire sign of Sagittarius, in opposition to the Gemini Sun. Sagittarius rules over the higher mind and wisdom aspects of creation, and this Lunar Eclipse assists us to deepen into the wisdom and Divinity within, whilst propelling us into greater levels of truth, freedom and sovereignty.

Through the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light we connect into the third ray of Divine Intelligence, a beautiful Golden Yellow ray of illumination and Christ Consciousness, streaming into and through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, revealing hidden knowledge, and allowing us the recognition of the Divine Equality of all life as we look through our Master Eyes at all of Life around us.

As we deepen into the expression of the embodiment of our God Selves, we draw closer to the inner plane Ashrams as the collective Christed Consciousness. Merging with the Beloved I Am Presence of all awakened Souls, we manifest that which was previously unmanifest for the next level of our service work through the higher mind wisdom of the universe as new perspectives and infinite possibilities present from the One Heart of All That Is. Additionally, we increase our ability to expand the Crystalline, Photonic and Plasma Light frequencies upon Mother Earth and through our bodies and energy field as multidimensional co-creators to the Divine whilst simultaneously accelerating the forward evolution of all Soul’s upon this sacred earth.

Through the arrow of the archer, we set our intentions and aim our arrow, with the trajectory of our passion and purpose being anchored in trust and surrender and higher mind wisdom. As our soul’s purpose and mission expands through this Super Moon Lunar Eclipse, the emotional clearing and purification needed to hold alignment to the Divine and the New Earth Templates escalates to release stress, disharmony, judgment, lesser than and better than consciousness and other misaligned energies. For the energy of the Lunar Eclipse allows the shadows to reveal hidden patterns, false beliefs and judgments. However, revealed through the Soul’s perspective, the Golden Sun within our Loving Hearts, we recognize that each unique experience we have had to know ourselves as Love is simply a role; one of many we have had in different timelines and different realities and that truly, ALL IS LOVE. As we consciously embrace our emotions, thoughts, and feelings through the witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am, new neural pathways register within the brain with heart and mind coherence, and the Pathway of Divine Neutrality reveals through the stillness of the Loving Heart, as we step into the illumination of the mental body and the wisdom of the higher mind.

The upward spiral of Cosmic Christ Consciousness experienced through the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse offers to us the next level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution. As co-creators to the Divine, we are collectively expanding our perceptions of reality whereby our Beloved I Am Presence as our Master Guide, presents the Soul’s perspective to release attachment to the personality and ego aspects. We are being downloaded with the vision and experience of New Earth as One Heart and One Love. We are co-creating our Heaven on Earth   along the path of Divine Love through the guidance and Overlighting of the inner plane Ashrams as adapts and initiates of Light.

Furthermore, the partial Solar Eclipse on June 10th/11th offers the opportunity of a cosmic rebalancing of old karma to escalate our Soul’s Divine Blueprint and to connect to those Souls groups more deeply on the inner and outer planes most aligned to our ray frequencies, energies and vibration.

 Come join us in the beautiful transmission as we connect as One Heart at this time of the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse