Wednesday, 31 October 2018

1-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love ~ The Light Codes of the Divine Mother and Divine Father and the activation of the Diamond Heart of Purity and Innocence

11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love ~ The Light Codes of the Divine Mother and Divine Father and the activation of the Diamond Heart of Purity and Innocence

Two hour telewebinar transmission with Anrita Melchizedek and Miguel Dean

Hosted by Lauren Galey of Acoustic Health

Saturday November 10th   - 6pm GMT, 10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm CST, 1pm EST
London/Lisbon 6pm, Johannesburg 8pm, LA 10am, New York 1pm, Sydney 5am (November 11th), Auckland 7am (November 11th)

One of the most powerful gateway being experienced in this sacred year of 2018 is the 11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love. Through this gateway we experience the next level of Light codes pouring forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, and in particular, the Light codes of the Divine Mother and Divine Father and the activation of the Diamond Heart of Purity and Innocence.

Seated within the loving hearts of all awakened Souls upon this sacred earth is the Flame of Divine Love and the Light codes of the Divine Mother, which spirals forth initially through the portal of the Divine Mother in Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca and is held within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, representing the Universal Womb, and the Temples of Divine Love upon this sacred earth through Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Rose. All encompassing, non-individualized, the Light codes of the Divine Mother and the sacred Flame of Divine Love ignites within our loving hearts in each perfect Now moment as we undergo our unique initiations of Light, our perceived challenges and lessons, to know and remember ourselves as Love.

As we come to experience, and then accept and embrace the full range of human emotions, through self-love, self-appreciation and self-acceptance, we release blame and judgment and separate the characters from our unique experiences, thoughts and feelings. Only then is the Soul embodied through and within our loving hearts and the vibration of Home, of hearing and feeling and Being the Divine Holy Light of Mother/Father God and our Beloved I Am Presence, bestowed upon us as we walk this path of Love.

The Flame of Divine Love, a beautiful Pink-Orange Flame, further takes us into a re-union of hearts within ourselves as we merge and rebalance our own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Spirits. With this, we find a deepening sense of gratitude and appreciation in all that we experience within our lives as well as greater levels of trust and surrender to the Divine. 

However, within this sacred dance, we are collectively healing the wounds of karmic mates and karmic relationships through the 3D timelines whilst holding the Flame of Divine Love. This perceived separation is primarily experienced in relationships between men and women and the “war of the sexes” which we are called upon to heal as we heal our own wounds, and as we deepen into the embrace of Love and Unity, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, Shakti and Shiva energies. Only then do these lower timelines dissolve and higher dimensional timelines emerge and merge in Unity, compassion, understanding, wisdom and Love.

The Flame of Divine Love has been held through the hearts of the Divine Feminine and primarily through women as the Goddesses, for the Goddess holds the nurturing energy of creation. Whilst many have experienced contentment within this field of Divine Love, seeking only a deeper re-union of their own hearts, the women now hear a call from the Divine Masculine, expressed through the male energy beckoning them to see them, hear them and appreciate them. With this, they send out an invitation to the Divine Masculine to hold the Flame of Divine Love collectively in this re-union of hearts on the inner and outer planes and through the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. 

For women, we become aware of a desire to reach outside our boundaries, our comfort zones. We seek to ignite the Flame of Divine Love within the hearts of men, knowing this is how we heal the wounds of humanity, the wounds of perceived separation; and it is the men who now step forward to be of service, and to bring into manifestation that which was previously unmanifest ~ a re-union of hearts between men and women and a deepening impulse in releasing the perceived separation between men and women.

In order for men to collectively hold the Flame of Divine Love, like all of us with our own unique missions within the collective, a core group of Souls chose to embody in male form and from a very early age to experience the full range of human emotion through the karmic timelines. Aware that they were different from a very early age, and unable to fit into traditional roles, many experienced deep challenges, traumas and addictions; all designed to assist the Soul to more rapidly awaken to its Divinity through “seeking” and embracing the energy of the Divine Mother. These uniquely sensitive Souls in male embodiment now step forward as role models to other men as well as women, letting them know that this bridge of Love is being created through their open hearts. They are here to carry the Flame of Divine Love with the Divine Feminine and to assist in shifting the relationships between men and women through their loving and vulnerable hearts. 

Part of this Divine Mission has been to receive the Light codes of the Divine Father for all humanity. These codes are dormant within us all and awaken through the male energy in surrender and trust, empowerment, sovereignty and Love. The Light codes of the Divine Father ignites in a symphony of Light through Shamballa, the etheric Spiritual headquarters of this sacred earth and into the Golden Flame of Unity Consciousness/Christ Consciousness Overlighted by the Ascended Masters and Ray Masters. It touches and awakens the Divine Masculine principles within us all and in particular, the hearts of all conscious men, who are ready to step into the next level of their service work. Seeded from the consciousness of Light through the Patterns of Perfection, they rise to this invitation of holy matrimony to receive the Light codes of the Divine Mother and in return to offer the Light codes of the Divine Father, whilst simultaneously becoming the pioneers of the New Masculine paradigm.

The desire for this inner plane alchemical marriage is Divinely Orchestrated through the Company of Heaven in this Now to touch the hearts of all humanity and in particular to create a new flow of trust and forgiveness between men and women, as we heal our wounds of perceived separation, abuse and mis-use of power, victim and persecutor consciousness and the cosmic karmic patterns of violence, victimhood, hatred, addiction, shame, prejudice and arrogance.

Additionally, in this re-union of hearts, the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence spirals forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, into the vortex of the Divine Father within Shamballa, into the vortex of the Divine Mother within Bolvia and from here, into the Temples of Divine Love and into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and then into our loving hearts, dissolving many of the cosmic karmic patterns into the Patterns of Perfection.
In this telewebinar transmission, we are invited into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, as the Diamond Flame of Mother/Father God travels through the Great Central Sun, the Central Sun and Sun, bathing all the planets in this Solar System in purity and innocence. With this Divinely Orchestrated event through the 11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love, the cosmic karmic patterns dissolve into higher dimensional timelines and the Diamond Heart of Mother/Father God ignites within our loving hearts as we receive the Light codes of the Divine Mother and the Light codes of the Divine Father.

Bathed in the Pink-Orange Flame of Divine Love, and Overlighted by Mother Mary, and the Sisterhood of the Rose, as the Divine Feminine, we offer the Light codes of the Divine Mother to the Divine Masculine. As the Divine Masculine, wrapped in the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness and Overlighted by the Ascended Masters, we offer the Light codes of the Divine Father to the Divine Feminine. Additionally we assist in activating the Diamond Bridge, the Rainbow Bridge of Light back into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, commencing the release of all perceived separation between men and women.  

As we get ready to receive this gift of Heavenly Love and the Diamond Heart of Mother/Father God, as the Divine Feminine and Goddess archetype we hear the call of the Divine Masculine, the male energy, the God archetype, and as the women invite the men into fully embodying the Flame of Divine Love. We await the response to our invitation in this Cosmic In-Breath, knowing the importance of this re-union of hearts in this re-balancing of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits and the healing of our own wounds and the collective wounds of Humanity.

The Call of the Divine Masculine
Beloved women, we bow to your magnificence and Light. We know what it is to experience heartache and pain and separation too. We know what it is like to be unseen, unheard and unappreciated. We know what it is like to be told how we should act, behave and be; how we should conquer and make money and be ruthless, dominating and controlling. We do not fit into these old patterns, expectations and unnatural ways of being emulated by our forefathers. We seek the solace and peace and love within from this cacophony of voices telling us what a man should be. We seek communion with the Divine and the inner alchemical marriage of our own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Spirits. We seek Love. We invite the Flame of Divine Love into our loving hearts, and we invite you into our loving hearts. We seek to be re-initiated into the temples of the Divine Feminine. We seek to heal our wounds and to heal the wounds of all humanity. We offer to you the Light codes of the Divine Father, knowing the strength and power and Love within this gift. We invite you into our hearts as One Love, One Heart, One Unified Field of Light. We see you, we Love you.  
The Invitation of the Divine Feminine
Beloved men, how we have waited to hear your calling for so very long. There is so much work for us to do and as the true warriors of Divine Love, we invite you to hold and embody the Flame of Divine Love with us, so together we can heal our wounds and the perceived separation between men and women. We invite you into new levels of intimacy and Love; of showing up and of stepping up. This is the time for authenticity and living our truth in unity and Love. We invite you into the sacred temple of our loving hearts to remember that we are One, that we are Love.  We ask only that you be conscious of what your role is in meeting our awakened Shakti power. Surrender to the Flame of Divine Love beloveds, let it be your guiding Light. Do not hid or run away. For it is our combined sacred energies that ignite the Skakti/Shavi energies and the sacred flow of kundalini energy. We respond to your call to open your hearts, as we surrender our softness and Love. As we feel your power, your strength, your wisdom and Light.

Let us witness the next birthing of New Earth in balance and equilibrium, in Love and Unity. Come beloved. Come Home. Into the Diamond Heart of Purity and Innocence we go, hand in hand, side by side. One Heart, One Love, One Unified Field of Light. We see you, we Love you. We are One.

The telewebinar recording will be active so you can listen to the online recording any time should you not be able to listen live. Additionally an audio will be provided following the transmission should you prefer to download this.

How does the Teleconference work?
If you would like to join this teleconference, click on THIS LINK to make payment via credit card or PayPal.  Once we have received your payment, we will send you a link to the page where we will be hosting the conference. On the appointed day and time, go back to this page via Zoom so you can listen in via the web.


About Miguel Dean: Miguel’s Life mission in service and Love of the Divine Feminine (Goddess) begun at 7 months old when he lost his mother. From this challenging start to life Miguel spiraled down into a life of violence, addiction and homelessness but the love of his new born son inspired him to take responsibility and make changes. For the last 20 years he has been immersed in the ‘twin paths’ of healing and transformation which can be summarized as an inner journey to heal his own wounds facilitated and complimented by his contribution to service to others and spiritually rooted social change. Initially working with disadvantaged young people for many years, Miguel has now evolved into a profoundly effective catalyst for change and facilitator of the marriage of the divine masculine and feminine. The Shakti energy moving through him enables him to Be and hold a safe place for woman so that she can release and open and heal leading to her blossoming and flowering. For men he inspires them to feel what they need to feel and return to the realm of the heart for their own and the collective’s healing. His intuitive- sensitive nature and honest, authentic and open heartedness are amongst the gifts he has to share in his passion to serve and ease the transition, from what no longer serves humanity and the planet, into what is increasingly being known as “the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible”.


About Anrita Melchizedek: Intuitive Apothecarist, Starseed, Light Weaver, Angel Messenger, Wayshower, Catalyst, Empath, Soul Reader and Mom.

Anrita Melchizedek was born with many of her ESP gifts already activated, and in communication with the Company of Heaven as an empath, channel, and natural healer. She has an ascension network offering numerous spiritual programs in the form of eBooks, Mp3’s, as well as vibrational energy products.

As a Soul Reader and Light weaver Anrita sees the Light codes of potentiality within energy fields and draws from these Light codes and blueprints when connecting with others. Anrita has spent many years as a channel, giving her an amazing understanding of the ascension process shared through workshops, telewebinars and conferences. More recently, Anrita has extended her Light work to assist more deeply in the uniting of the Light Tribe through her platform New Earth Cosmic Conversations and will soon be setting up Voices of the Light Tribe conferences.  Her teachings are presented through You Tube videos, invocations, telewebinars and free downloads. Anrita’s teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The 10-10 Gateway of Divinity and Equilibrium

The 10-10 Gateway of Divinity and Equilibrium

On October 10th, 2108, we re-experience the Gateway of Divinity and Equilibrium through the tenth ray of Divinity. The tenth ray of Divinity holds the perfect balance of the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom, allowing us to Be the Divine, Holy Light of God that we are as we experience a new balance and equilibrium through the Will of God, the Wisdom of the Higher Mind and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.

Under the influence of this ray, we are able to lift all remaining veils of illusion and limiting perceptions of reality, as we experience a synthesis of all past, present and future probably realities in this Now through the merging Christed timelines. As we experience the infinite and eternal Now for longer periods of time, we are further able to view our Life lessons and perceived challenges with deepening levels of acceptance and surrender, integrating into our Beingness all aspects of ourselves through this beautiful pearlescent Flame of Divinity, and the knowing that our Divine Self within recognizes the Divine Self in all those around us.

It is in this Now that we further access the hidden knowledge of our Self viewed through a Cosmic Lens. For the tenth ray of Divinity unlocks the Akashic Records, and allows the knowledge of our Highest Potential through the Hall of Records to be revealed as karmic timelines integrate and then dissolve. This sacred knowledge, which can be described as  "a vision across the Abyss" is only given to a true Master; one who has transcended the limitations of this earth plane, removed the bands of forgetfulness, and one who remains within the loving heart.  

Through this Gateway, we take on greater Ambassadorial roles as these Flames of Divinity and wayshowers to this sacred earth. We are offered an opportunity to deepen our connection to our Beloved I Am Presence and Mother/Father God by going into our Heart's Temple and seeing what needs to be loved and nurtured within and through the three-fold flame within our hearts, as we build our rainbow bridge of Light into the higher dimensions by trusting and surrendering to the Divine. Through this gateway of Divinity, we activate the throat chakra to express ourselves clearly and lovingly, in forgiveness and understanding, as we heal all our relationships. Further to this, we experience a cellular expansion of the organic crystals within the crystalline matrix of our bodies and the creation of our Universal Bodies of Light.

Additionally we now enter into a deeper Cosmic embrace of the super-electron and Metatronic Consciousness, stimulated through the Photonic Rays of Light in the restoration and regeneration of the Divine Human Crystalline DNA. And through our Ascension process, we now experience Solar Christ Consciousness and the energy vibration of the Photon Rays through the electron, stimulating the particles of Light within the physical body to greater levels of health and well-being whilst purging and clearing and bringing online the codes of creation. 

This 10-10 Gateway is further activating greater levels of intensity through the left and right hemispheres of the brain as well as the pituitary and pineal glands, with moments of high energy expansions, head and neck pains, and then the need to rest and integrate as the crystalline consciousness ignites ever deeper within the body and through each sub-atomic particle in the knowing that We Are the Light of God, the Light of God We Are.

Namaste Precious Hearts. Enjoy the Gateway!