Wednesday 29 September 2021

The Seven States of Dreamtime Consciousness Masterclass with Anrita



The Seven States of Dreamtime Consciousness  

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

$33(Approximately €29.50/£27.00/R550)


Saturday October 2nd – 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT, 7pm GMT

London/Lisbon 8pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 6am (October 3rd), Auckland 8am (October 3rd)


Join Anrita in this light encoded masterclass as we travel in Soul consciousness into the Pyramid of Dreams and ever deeper into our heart’s dreaming as the wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light.

As we awaken and actualize the knowing of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life, we experience expanded states of consciousness, reflected not only in our everyday lives through our connection to our Beloved I Am Presences and the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, but also through our dreams, dreaming into this reality the One Reality of All That Is.


Additionally, our Master Guides and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High connect with us in many ways, and one of these effective ways is through our subconscious mind.  For in the dream state, in particular, in the dream state called R.E.M. (rapid eye movement), the frequency alignment to the many Illumined Beings of Light and our Soul and Star family of the Light amplifies.  As this occurs, we access the creational knowledge stored within the matrix of dreamtime, amplified in sound, color, light, sacred geometry, images and vibration, taking us deeper into the superconscious mind and the Mind of God.


Join us in this wonderful telewebinar as we enter into the dreamtime in a series of beautiful invocations to experience the seven states of dream consciousness and our ability to access all levels of our collective heart's dreaming. As we journey through the seven states, we experience these beautiful invocations through the Overlighting of the Dreamkeeper, our Beloved I Am Presence, the Order of Melchizedek and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High.


These seven states of dreamtime consciousness are:

  1. Personal Consciousness dreams ~ These dreams are symbolic representations and reflections of our personality aspects. They show us what we are still working with in our everyday lives, tapping into the unconscious mind and its hidden messages, as well as the sub-conscious mind, which stores our past experiences and beliefs. In our personal consciousness dreams, we are presented with images and events to bring into our waking consciousness hidden beliefs, patterns and judgments. Dreams that fall into this category are normal dreams, recurring dreams and nightmares.
  2. Soul Consciousness dreams ~ These dreams occur as we deepen our connection to our Higher Self and Beloved I Am Presence, and become the observer of our lower bodies and ego Self. This state of awareness deepens our connection to the Divine through our choices and actions, bringing a greater sense of love, forgiveness, peace and harmony, trust and surrender into our everyday lives as we continue to integrate and embrace all aspects of ourselves. Additionally, we start to experience heartfelt connections with others as we heal our relationships and become more loving and compassionate. Dreams that we may experience in this state are healing dreams, lucid dreams and message dreams.
  3. Sound Consciousness dreams ~ These dreams occur as we deepen our connection to nature and sound frequencies in an expansion of our own energy field, and our heart's dreaming. In our waking state we may experience sound through nature, dance, music or high-pitched buzzing or humming within the ears as well as an increased sensitivity and refinement to sound frequencies. This amplifies in the dream state as we are sound at the most fundamental level of our beingness. All our lower bodies, chakras and body organs have their own unique sounds. It is the recognition in the dream state that we are sound creators that allows us to experience the music of our own Soul notes and become one with nature and one with our Selves. Dreams that may be experienced in this state are healing dreams, nature dreams, animal guide dreams, spirit guide dreams, sound dreams and music/composition dreams, which reverberate and shift into our conscious awareness.
  4. Light Consciousness dreams ~ These dreams are presented as candlelight, natural light, such as sunlight, star light or "supernatural light", spiritual light that accesses the realms of the Divine. These dreams connect us not only with light frequencies in colors and sounds, sacred geometry, and the like, but anchor a remembrance of our ESP gifts. Dreams experienced in this state are precognitive dreams, prophetic dreams, and ESP dreams.
  5. Cosmic consciousness dreams are experienced through a deeper connection and integration of our Beloved I Am Presence and Soul and Star clusters, which brings an awareness present all the time in waking, dreaming, and sleeping states. In this dream state and awakening state of consciousness is the realization that we are Master Beings of Light able to transcend space and time. There is no fear of death but a deeper knowing of the immortal nature to our Beingness, with the ability to travel the Christed Timelines of our Highest Potentials. There is a sense of freedom and wisdom experienced at this level. Dreams that we may experience include serial dreams, living in other times or dimensions or multidimensional realities of our Selves on different planets or stars, Soul mate or Twin Flame dreams, Angel dreams or Master Guide dreams.
  6. Divine consciousness dreams are an expansion of Cosmic consciousness where the Now moment of conscious awareness is experienced not only in the stillness of the Self, but also in an expanding awareness of the abstract cohesion of energy matrices and the ability to experience unlimited frequencies. It is these dreams that activate our full extrasensory perception gifts and abilities such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy and intuition, as well as bringing an increased sensitivity into the lower bodies. Additionally at this level of self-awareness, there is an appreciation of all Life and a loving acceptance of all Life. Every thought and feeling radiates the essence of Divine unconditional Love, and dreams here may include working with Councils of Light and the Company of Heaven, Twin Flame Re-unions, and the manifestation of our heart's dreaming, which in turn are fully experienced in this Now within the One Reality of All That Is.
  7. Unity consciousness dreams lift us into the collective Consciousness of Light, into what we refer to as the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light. It is the state of consciousness experienced in our waking consciousness that brings every dream of God Consciousness into instant manifestation through the experience of the Oneness of All Life. The knowing that we are all One. We experience the multi-universe as our physical bodies in the knowing that we are Creator Gods. Observation and consciousness connect in Unity and alignment to the Divine. All Life is celebrated as aspects of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light. All realities merge into the One Reality of All That Is and the dance of our heart's dreaming reaches its next level of our Soul's forward evolution. Most dream states here are created and manifested at will through the superconscious mind, the Mind of God, and the focus here is simply on Service in Love and One Unity Consciousness.

Come join us in this sacred dreamtime transmission as we collectively dream our reality into being in this Golden Age of Light.

Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Healing Invocation


 Healing Invocation


All my cells and organs function perfectly.
Each cell in my body is an expression of perfect health, vitality and well-being.
Each cell in my body is replenishing, repairing and replacing according to the perfection of my original divine eight-cell blueprint.
Each organ in my body functions at peak efficacy taking me deeper into Divine Love, 
taking me deeper into the knowing of myself as a sacred Flame of Divinity.

As I hold the essence of my Divinity, the knowing of my innocence and purity, I am ready to heal old wounds, I am ready to release, embrace and let go of my addictions, my pain and my wounds, as I deepen into my beautiful Inner Temple of Divine Love.

I am committed to releasing unforgiveness and resentment and blame and judgment.  I am committed to transforming every relationship I have,  as I meet each perceived challenge with compassion, insight and understanding.

I walk the Path of Love as the Light of God I Am. I breathe in Love and breathe out Love.
I accept and appreciate my uniqueness and magnificence. I Am  Divinely supported, deeply loved and celebrated on every level of my beingness. I choose to Love myself, all parts of myself which are uniquely and authentically mine. I AM All That I AM. 

I listen to the universe, as I surrender to Love. I ask in this Now moment to experience the next level of soul’s forward evolution with as much grace and ease and Love and abundance and manifestation and well-being as I can possibly experience as I say to the Universe “Bring it on.”

My Heart of Divine Love holds no judgment only observational awareness. In judgment I respond according to my false beliefs with a closed heart, and in observational awareness my heart remains open and my response is neutral. I come from this place that allows me to express my thoughts and feelings with clarity and compassion, truth and understanding no matter how they are perceived by others.   I stand steadfast in the Light of God as an open heart in this Golden Age of Light.             I experience the Witnessing Presence of my Beloved I Am. I observe my beliefs prior to responding, prior to reacting, knowing all is Love, all is Love. 

 I take a moment now simply to acknowledge myself as Love,  knowing I AM Love, as I say to myself: 
“I Love you”, giving my full name now, “I Love you, I Love you.”
I breathe in Love and I breathe out Love.

Join us Beloved Heart for our Saturday Masterclass, "The Seven Sacred Fires of Purification" -

The Seven Sacred Fires of Purification Masterclass with Anrita

The Seven Sacred Fires of Purification

Rituals for New Earthers

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

$33(Approximately €29.50/£27.00/R550)

Saturday September 4th – 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT, 7pm GMT

London/Lisbon 8pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 5am (September 5th), Auckland 7am (September 5th)

 Join Anrita in this magical month of September, as we experience the Seven Sacred Cosmic Fires of Purification. The Sacred Cosmic Fire of Purification in its simplest form is the expansion of Spiritual Light within the physical body, energy field and hologram, allowing us to deepen into Self Mastery as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. From the stillness of the Loving Heart and the Wisdom of the Higher Mind, we purify our frequency and expand our Soul Light, whilst releasing and transforming all that no longer serves us.

Through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logii, as well as the many Christed ET’s from On High, we experience Seven Sacred Fires of Purification Rituals.

These Rituals are:

Home Purification

Physical Body Purification

Emotional Body Purification

Relationship Purification

Karmic Purification

Spiritual Purification

Mother Earth Purification

Each Ritual connects us to a core group of Light Beings, and the Copper-Gold and Pink-Gold Flames of Purification. Through invocation, activation and affirmation, we are offered an opportunity to increase our frequency and alignment to the Divine and New Earth Templates and lift the frequency and vibration for all Life upon this sacred earth.

We are Master Co-Creators to the Company of Heaven, and through our frequency, heart’s dreaming, alchemy, ritual and magic, we are able to magnetize and manifest all that we need in any given Now moment as we expand our service work and deepen into One Unity Consciousness.

Benefits to this Masterclass include:

Greater awareness of Self and collective frequency as the I Am Avatar Consciousness

A deeper alignment to the Heart of Mother/Father God

Releasing of old habits, judgments, and false beliefs

Awareness of new habits that amplify our Light Quotient

Rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical/energy bodies

Increased vitality and energy

Deeper communication with Soul Groups on the inner planes

Expansion of our Service work upon this sacred earth

Forgiving, loving and letting go

Being in the Now Moment


Expanding the Love of God upon this sacred earth

Come and join us in this heartfelt Masterclass as we amplify our frequency and come together as One Heart, One Love and One Unified Field of Light.

 The Masterclass is available as two Mp3 downloads, with and without background music. No transcribe is available.