Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation Masterclass


Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

You Tube Video Introduction


Saturday December 3rd – 12pm PT, 1pm MT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET, 8pm GMT

London/Lisbon 8pm, Johannesburg 10pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 6am (December 4th), Auckland 8am (December 7th)

Beloved hearts, through the evolution of our Star DNA, we are becoming a Galactic Civilization, our future Selves, living in each Now moment as the Light of God We Are, awakening, remembering, and coming together as One Heart to accomplish all we need to in Unity and Love.

The acceleration of our Soul’s Forward Evolution is upon us, with more and more Souls awakening and remembering that All is Love and Love is All There Is. In our convergence as the Light Tribe, it is our ability to expand our bandwidth to the higher dimensional fields of consciousness, to continuously ascend from one moment to the next and with an open heart, to step up with the many roles we fulfil with greater levels of grace and ease, support and all that is needed. Each Now moment envisaged, experienced and felt through the guidance of our Soul and the Unified Field of Light.

This shift in consciousness that activates the Light Codes from deep, deep within, that connects us deeper to Gaia, and the desire to spend “time” with our Selves, our Souls, is pre-determined through our ability to activate our dormant DNA and become our Light Bodies (Soul Bodies).

Our DNA contains our Divine Blueprint, sacred, holy and unique to each one of us, with encoded information regarding our physical and spiritual lineage.  85% of this information is dormant, and for many, this has not yet been activated and for others, only partially so.  This is commonly called our ‘junk’ DNA.

Although everything, in some ways, activates our dormant DNA and takes us into greater levels of remembrance of our Divinity, we can accelerate our frequency and activate our so called “junk DNA”. Sound, color, sacred geometry, fractal geometry, chakra activations, axiatonal alignment and more, raises our frequency and vibration and activates the DNA as we expand our Light from within in deepening levels of Soul Embodiment.  

Additionally, the more Light we hold, and the more we can “go in”, the faster the spin of the sub-atomic particles as we enter into Zero Point, where all slows down, as we shift from carbon based realities to silica and then crystalline consciousness. This process is both physical and energetic as we become our Light Bodies and live our Heaven on Earth, in co-creation and community, in that which we call New Earth.

This process of our Soul’s Forward Evolution is greatly enhanced through our Galactic Heritage as Starseeds. Indeed, this process of Soul Embodiment, of becoming our Higher Selves upon this sacred earth, takes us from Starseed, to Soul Seed to Star Being and then Source Light, where we are creating our realities in each Now moment as our Galactic Selves. Where each Now moment is experienced multidimensionally and through Quantum Consciousness as we express telepathically, energetically and vibrationally in all we do, are, and achieve.

In this Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation Masterclass, we are offered 12 Templates that will assist us to embody our Soul Light, activate our Galactic DNA and become our Light Bodies as Star Beings in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

Additionally, our Galactic Higher Selves step forward to assist us, through amplifying our frequencies and activating the Light Codes from within. They offer to us a Quantum Starlight Streaming Recalibration Chamber of Light (QSSRC). What the Quantum Starlight Streaming Recalibration Chamber of Light (QSSRC) does, is re-calibrate the Star Fields and Light Codes within our Body, Energy Field and Hologram through Photonic Light to the memory and experience of Oneness. Essentially, we deepen into Zero Point through the Divine Connection to our Higher Selves and Beloved I Am Presence and Mother/Father God. Through this Light Chamber, a three-dimensional Light Grid, that activates around the body and energy field and within each cell in the body, we expand our loving hearts, as we accelerate our ascension process and align to our original Divine Blueprint, with greater levels of grace and ease. We are further taken deeper into Soul embodiment, Divine Love and our reconnection to our Soul and Star Families as we move through the Galactic Crystalline Light DNA Activation process.

These 12 Templates are as follows:

First Template: A Return to Consciousness. Frequency Expansions and Upgrades and the deepening of our relationship and connection to our Higher Selves/Soul Light.

Second Template: 4-D Density Clearing and Expanding Beyond the Old and into the New. Heaven and Hell archetypes and choices made along the various timelines.

Third Template:  Heart Chakra Activation and Expansion as we deepen into Caring, Sharing and Stepping Up.

Fourth Template: Akashic Record Clearing of Past Lives, Contracts, Vows, and Ancestral Wounds.

Fifth Template: Pineal Gland Activation and Consciousness Expansion.

Sixth Template: Kundalini Activation and connecting into the 144 Unity Grid and Gaia as the Divine Earth Mother.

Seventh Template: Chakra Clearing, Alignment and Golden Sun Christed Light Activation.

Eighth Template: Sacred Geometry and Merkaba Activation.

Ninth Template: Activating the Axiatonal Lines and Spin Points of Sound and Color Frequencies.

Tenth Template: Galactic DNA Activation. Merging with and embodying our Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Antarian, Lyran, Venusian and other Galactic Higher Selves as we shift dimensionally in frequency, energy and light.

Eleventh Template: Activating of the Solar Crystalline Plasma Light Body.

Twelfth Template: Soul Embodiment. Being the Star Beings. Creating our future in each Now moment as we Map Multidimensionally whilst changing and programming the Universal Akasha as Co-Creators to the Divine and to this Sacred Earth.

Beloved hearts, if you are ready to…

live multidimensionally as the Light of God You Are, with full access to all your gifts as a natural part of your beingness and unique life path and purpose,

connect quantumly on the inner planes and at a Soul level with others,

embody your Soul and Higher Selves and feel the Innocence and Purity You Are,

clear, expand and transcend all that is no longer needing to be experienced,

step up in World Service and share your Light with others,

activate your Galactic DNA,

and expand your frequency and energy and light …

then join us in this beautiful Masterclass with Invocations, Affirmations, DNA Upgrades, Light Body Upgrades and Galactic Activations and so much more.

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

New Moon Energies – Our Christed Light and the Codes of Divinity


New Moon Energies – Our Christed Light and the Codes of Divinity

You Tube 

We soften and slow to feel the gratitude as we expand the heart, and express with feeling our Soul’s passion and joy, and next level of Service Work, with a thousand more “I Love You’s” along the way.

Beloved hearts,

The portals and gateways of New Earth are greatly accelerating in this Now, as we deepen into, and embody the next level of our Christed Light, amplified through the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd.

After the intensity of the Eclipse season, we breathe more gently and align ever deeper into the One Heart of All That Is. We honor that the immense shifting and shedding amplified through the Eclipse Gateways have been predominantly focused on releasing all the old identities that we “hold onto to” and from our human aspect/ego consciousness, believe and imagine ourselves to be. For it is only in becoming Nothing, and letting go of every belief, judgment, pattern and program brought into being through the “identity” and “labeling” of our roles as to who we perceive ourselves to be, do we become All and Everything. This is a process of letting go, in detachment, observing as the Witnessing Presence of the Beloved I Am, and expanding the Loving Heart with compassion and non-judgment, to see all with “New Eyes”, the Third Eye. Only then, as Cosmic Beings, Star Beings, FREE AND SOVEREIGN, and expanding from within our Purity and Innocence as the Light of God We Are, can we fully embrace anew our roles as New Earthers, Custodians, Gatekeepers, Grid keepers, Parents, Partners, Friends, Lovers and so on. Also, within this, recognizing all is simply a role and the highest potential within each role expresses through our ability to show up, step up and support, and hold the space of Love regardless of the lessons, the blessings and all.

These very deep ego deaths are continuously offering new beginnings/rebirths and opportunities, with each Now moment offering “another perspective”, a higher state of Consciousness and the “crumbling of old beliefs” as the Light Codes activate from within, predominately in this Now, the 111 and 222 codes and variations thereof. These Light Codes, of Diamond, Crystalline and Rainbow Light, express in increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness, the activation of the Solar (Soular) Crystalline Light Body, Pineal Gland activations, timelines of Self Mastery and much more. We further consciously expand our service roles through the embodiment of our Divinity, choosing that which is always Highest Aligned and Mapping Multidimensionally to draw to us the Highest Outcome of all that presents within our Universe.

In this Now moment, it is the codes of the Divinity that amplify beautiful hearts, bringing with it deepening levels of purity and innocence and Diamond Light. Christed Light, in golden frequencies, with beautiful pink heart expansions further express, with deep orange and red lower chakras expansions and ego deaths. Releasing the old, lack of, victim/persecutor consciousness, abuse and misuse of power, distorted religious beliefs, sexual abuse and much more, all coming up to be cleared and transcended as the flow into the Crystalline organic timelines align. We soften and slow to feel the gratitude as we expand the heart, and express with feeling our Soul’s passion and joy, and next level of Service Work, with a thousand more “I Love You’s” along the way.

The gentleness of this Now, this “new beginning” holds a promise from our Universe that all will flow with greater levels of grace and ease as we synchronize the flow deeper into the organic timelines of New Earth and the guidance of our beautiful Soul Light.

It is the flow that expresses by being in nature, with Mother Earth. It is the flow that expresses in our creativity and sharing of our Light. It is the flow that expresses when we deepen into trusting and surrendering to our Universe. It is the flow that connects us into the Unity Grid of Divine Love as the Unity Grid, as vibrating Stargates of Divine Love. It is the flow that connects us into Quantum Consciousness, Photonic Light, and Plasma Light and the ability to feel all that is expressing consciously and unconsciously upon this sacred earth. And it is the flow that expresses in each Now moment, through the infinite patterns of sacred geometries, sound and color frequencies, that create our ascending consciousness, one moment to the next, as the Light Tribe, and as the Flames of Divinity walking the Path of Love.

The flow that presents for us all beloved hearts is initially experienced through the Heart of Gaia and through the pulse and rhythm of Mother Earth and the Crystalline Consciousness Grid.

As we embody our Higher Selves, we are asked to step up in Service to Humanity, in Service to All. And we understand too that any area of our lives in which we are still giving away our power is coming up to be cleared for the all-new organic timelines to be deeply experienced through the flow and guidance of our Soul Light, and the Codes of Freedom and Truth which flow through this New Moon energy.

This is also the time when we dissolve the separation between our different existences, timelines of our higher and lower selves, through the universal akasha and connect more deeply into the Unity Grid. We also deepen into the Inner Planes, and the Quantum Field, to experience the Crystalline Cities of Light, Shamballa, the Galactic portals, Inner Plane Ashrams and more. As the heart expands in each Now moment, through the Quantum Hologram, we communicate telepathically. We connect to all, mapping multidimensionally in co-creation, visualizing, feeling, sensing, and envisioning each Now moment from this Now perspective.

Join us in the beautiful Christed Light Unity Invocation now as we deepen into being our magnificent Light upon this sacred earth beloved hearts.

Get yourselves comfortably relaxed, breathing deep into the body as we experience this wonderful Invocation.





Breathing deep into the body,

breathing in Love and breathing out Love,

we connect into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation,

as One Heart, and One Love, and One Unified Field of Light.


We now activate the Three-Fold Flame from within our Loving Hearts,

experiencing this beautiful Diamond, Golden and Pink Light,

radiating from within, as we deepen into our Christed Light.

We Are One with all Life.

We Are One with our Beloved I Am Presence,

We Are One with the Beloved I Am Presence of every man, woman, and child upon this sacred earth,

We Are One with Mother/Father God,

We Are One with our Universe.


In this Wave of Divine Love,

we now merge with our multi-dimensional Selves from

sister dimensions, various planets and stars,

parallel realities, physical and non-physical universes,

merging all into this infinite eternal Now moment,

in Conscious Awareness of All That WE ARE,

within the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.


We now experience our full magnificence and Light,

as these sacred Flames of Divinity,

as Christ Conscious Beings of Light,

looking through our Master Eyes

at all of Life around us.

Integrated, centered, aligned, connected and in full

appreciation of our multi-dimensionality,

infinite Beingness and unlimited Potentiality,

we deepen into this Now moment,

where all flows with greater levels of grace and ease,

 where all synchronizes into and through the organic timelines of New Earth,

 and the guidance of our beautiful Soul Light, our Universe.


We now experience this deep Wave of Divine Love and Gratitude,

as we link into the Unity Grid of Divine Love,

as vibrating Portals of Divine Love,

sharing our Light Codes and receiving all that is needed from within the Unity Grid.

As we expand our Light in deep rhythmic breaths,

breathing in Love, and breathing out Love,

we connect to our Light Tribe,

to our Soul Brothers and Soul Sisters,

 and now, all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in the expansion of the Christed Light upon this sacred earth.


We are now wrapped in the the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence,

the Golden Flame of Christ Consciousness and now,

 the Pink Flame of Divine Love.


As this three-fold Flame contiues to expand from within our loving hearts,

we have a sense of our Beloved I Am Presence,

our beautiful Higher Light,

merging ever deeper with us

as the Photonic Plasma Light, and Diamond Light codes of Crystalline Consciousness enter into our Loving Hearts,

and the Codes of Divinity ignite and activate through the Golden Sun within.


We align now to the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within, the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun,

as we merge into the Christed Light within, our Purity, our Innocence,

whilst releasing all that no longer serves us as the Light of God We Are.

We release in this Now,

to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow,

victim/persecutor consciousness, abuse and misuse of power,

distorted religious beliefs, sexual abuse and all that arises,

to be cleared and transcended,

 as the flow into the Crystalline organic timelines aligns.


We soften and slow to feel the gratitude as we expand the heart, and express with feeling,

 our Soul’s passion and joy,

and next level of Service Work,

as we say to ourselves “I Love You, giving our full name now, I Love You, I Love You.”


We now bring a focus on the Inner Sun within our Loving hearts.

Wrapped in these beautiful Flames of Solar Christ Consciousness,

we expand into the New Earth templates, and now,

the Inner Christ within.

We activate the original Patterns of Perfection,

in the form of sacred geometries,

fractal geometries, numerologies, sound, color, keycodes and Light codes,

within our bodies and energy field,

as we deepen into Soul Embodiment,

and rebirth as our Christed Light.


All our karmic lessons, all the pain, loss, heartache,

disillusionment and separation,

are now embraced in this Ocean of Divine Love,

and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God,

as we expand beyond the old and into the new.


Through the codes of Divinity,

we feel and sense the Divinity within ourselves,

 and the Divine within others,

knowing that we are all One.


As we rebalance our lower bodies,

as open hearts in this Golden Age of Light,

we experience the full range of our emotions in trust and surrender to our Universe.

These Codes of Divinity now activate and actualize within our Christed Hearts,

and now through each one of our chakras,

and now, into all the sacred sites and vortices of Mother Earth,

and into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on this sacred Earth choosing the Path of Divine Love.


We now direct these beautiful Diamond, Golden and Pink Flames

to all those places needing healing and Love,

transmuting all that is not of the Light,

merging polarities into the timeline of One Unity Consciousness,

and into the organic flow of New Earth.


We now focus on our Service work,

our ability to step up and out to share our Light,

and to draw to us what we need in each Now moment,

as we map our realities multidimensionally,

choosing what is highest aligned in each Now moment.

As we close our eyes and go deep, deep within,

we connect with Soul Family,

those that can support our Service work as we can theirs.

We now experience this wonderful telepathic communication,

this deep Love and reconnection to

our Soul Family and Friends of the Light,

drawing these Souls into our reality through our Universe,

in each resonating Now moment,

honoring the timing of all.


We now experience a deep sense of our heart’s dreaming,

and our heart’s joy, 

 divinely inspired in this Now moment,

 whilst experiencing greater moments of timelessness,

simply being, with new perspectives,

and increased levels of Cosmic Christ Consciousness,

 as we create the balance for all we need to do,

with greater levels of grace and ease, passion, purpose, freedom, sovereignty, unity and Love.



 We now come back into our sacred space,

grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth,

while keeping this connection open to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God,

to the Heart of All,

As One Heart, One Love, One Unified Field of Light,

whilst honoring our Light as the Flames of Divinity We Are.

And so it is, and so it is.

With Anrita Melchizedek

Voices of the Light Tribe