Friday 29 August 2014

A Mother and a Priestess

My precious friends and family,

I have recently returned from six weeks of travel to Lisbon, the UK and Egypt and wanted to share with you the insights and understandings I have experienced through the planetary energies as well as an update on the abduction of my children, Benjamin and Caelin Melchizedek-Choun, now 7 and 5 respectively. I have been wanting to share more of my personal story for a while now, but found I have been hesitant to do so; for this is a personal journey and will elicit a range of emotions as it has done so for me. We walk between two worlds, experiencing both the karmic timelines and the Christed Timelines, and so, I share my story both as a Mother, and as a Priestess; as an Initiate to the Inner Plane Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek. However, it is the Priestess that guides this journey and does so with compassion, with Love and with understanding. I ask you too to come into your heart with the knowing that there is only Love as you read this, as we experience ourselves as the wayshowers and sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, creating the pathways of Light for others to follow through the New Earth Templates and Patterns of Perfection as One Unified Cosmic Heart.

From a planetary perspective, the ray Overlighting this second year of this new Golden Age of Light, is the Cosmic Ray of Interstellar Service, a beautiful Silver Flame of Light brought through by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and takes us deeper along the pathways of Divine Love through insight, understanding and wisdom, with a deeper sense of our Soul purpose and our interconnectivity to one another as the I Am Avatar Race. Through the Grace of God, we have further experienced the Cosmic Ray of Multi-Universal Service, a beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence Overlighted by Mother/Father God, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis and the Order of Melchizedek. It is a combination of the 12 earthly rays and six Cosmic Rays, creating a map for us into the New Earth templates. This ray initially activates for us a deeper connection to our Beloved I Am Presence, and our Soul family and friends of the Light, in purity, innocence and a deep sense of coming home.

This beautiful Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness activated in May 2014 through the Sedona Vortex and the Sedona Crystalline City of Light and from here, activated through all the Crystalline Cities of Light, bringing a greater sense of innocence and purity into the Solar Crystalline Matrix of One Unity Consciousness. For me personally, I experienced a deep sense of Soul connections on the inner planes, of connecting to Soul mates and Soul family, and being taken deeper and deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. It created a purity and innocence within my own Life and I rode on this beautiful transcendental Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness for around three weeks, experiencing too a greater sense of parallel realities of Self Mastery as a Melchizedek Initiate of Light. And then, this frequency shifted for me personally. It was such a high vibrational frequency, and as this beautiful Diamond Flame entered into the shadow aspects of myself needed to be given a voice, needing to be heard, loved, appreciated and understood, I went deep into the pain body in a way that I have not done so for many years. My grief overwhelmed me, the sadness and heartache of the temporary separation from my beautiful boys and anger too, came up, and I needed to give a voice to the sub-personality aspects of myself that needed to express itself in a way that said: “I hate you. I hate you for what you have done to our boys.” Although I could observe this, I was very much expressing these feelings, feeling these aspects of myself that were so very uncomfortable to re-experience. I had a sense of knowing that I was clearing the deepest aspects of my shadow self, but the release of these old cellular memories and the victim and persecutor consciousness and the pain and grief was so very intense. 

And then my youngest son Caelin came to me one night, and told me to be strong, that he needed me, that Ben needed me, and that they were waiting for me to experience my Love once more. It gave me the strength I needed to shift through the remnants of the negative ego aspects, and as I did, what I experienced was so very interesting. I understood that I was creating a pathway for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine archetypes of creation. As I went deep into my pain body once more, illuminated in this beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence, I could feel not only my own pain, but the pain of my ex-husband, and this brought for me such a deep sense of compassion for my ex-husband. And in feeling his pain through my pain, I could feel the pain of all men, and the unifying energy of Divine Love that was now being transferred from the Divine Feminine aspects of creation. I could feel his Love at a Soul level, and how deeply he loved me at this level to take on and perpetuate the role of persecutor and in my time with him, how I had chosen the role of victim. How my entire life in this lifetime has been experienced through aspects of victim consciousness and how I chose physical, emotional and sexual abuse to know myself as Love.  As I then found myself merging into my own Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, I become the loving parents to the negative ego, able to observe the negative ego as a stubborn child needing my direction, guidance and Love.  I also experienced a great sense of the Spiritual warrior energy activating, but through compassion, in choosing to move forward, in choosing to continue to fight for my boys, so they would know my Love, so they would know how much I Love them and have always loved them and so that justice would prevail.  

Although this was only a period of around three weeks, it felt like many lifetimes of clearing has been activated, transmuted, accepted, embraced and loved. A week following this, we entered into the Solstice energy through the Overlighting of the Sisterhood of the Rose and this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love. This beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love activated within our hearts, taking us deeper into the knowing that we are Love, and further brought a remembrance of Initiations of Light, as Isis stepped forward in her beautiful healing Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Flame of Light. For me personally, it was a deeper sense of the Divine Feminine activating within, taking me deeper into Self-Love, Self-nurturing and Self-appreciation and giving a voice to the aspects that felt underserving, unloved, unappreciated and unseen as the Priestess found herself within the inner circle of the Sisterhood of the Rose.   

The Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness further activated at the 08-08 Gateway of Light through Glastonbury Tor, serving as Divine Feminine Portal of Light, and through the Sedona Vortex, serving as the Divine Masculine Portal of Light. As these energies blended through the merging with our Mother God and Father God, we ourselves experienced the merging of our own Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits and the ability as women to Love all men and as men, to Love all women, we came together as One Unified Cosmic Heart. These energies were taken into the Middle East, and as the Diamond Flame of Transcendence activated through the Great Pyramid in particular Fibonacci ratios, it further activated a One Unity Consciousness Portal in Egypt, and from here, moved into many Middle Eastern countries, including Israel and Palestine.

I was blessed to have been at Glastonbury Tor at this time, and with many beautiful Light workers serving as physical vessels of Light, we activated this Diamond Flame of Transcendence as we connected through the Unity Grid of Divine Love with you, my precious friends and family, taking this beautiful Diamond Flame through the hearts and minds of all awakened Souls on this sacred day of Peace. Following this, I hosted a weekend workshop with forty beautiful Souls from the UK, Europe and the States, as we activated the Diamond Light Body/Merkaba field of Melchizedek Consciousness and experienced many initiations of Light, as well as a wonderful Full Moon transmission for the Super Full Moon on August 10th.

I would like to take this moment to consider a sacred space setting. The power and magic of our Light work comes from the connection we have to all the Beings of Light from On High, as well as our Beloved I Am Presence and to one another. Every morning I do an invocation, calling in all the Illumined Beings of Light and this tangible energetic connection centers us, and aligns us deeper into the Unified Field of Divine Love. So, as you breathe deep into the body now, call in and invite into your sacred space all the beautiful Beings of Light from On High you personally acknowledge through the Overlighting of Mother/Father God. Call in the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians, all of the Light. The Brotherhood of the Light and Lord Melchizedek. The Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts, and the Mighty Elohim. Helios and Vesta, the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis. The Ray Masters and Ascended Masters, Master El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, St. Germain, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Allah Gobi, Quan Yin and Pallas Athena. And now, you find yourselves merging with your Beloved I Am Presence and with your Soul family and friends of the Light. Wonderful. And now, you connect deep into the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth, feeling her Love, as she sends you her Love back up your grounding cord. And now, you feel this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love activate within your heart, taking you deeper into Self Love and Self appreciation. And now, the beautiful Silver Flame of Illumination activates within your heart, and lastly now, this beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence. Wonderful. You find yourselves coming deep into the Love within and looking through your Master eyes, with compassion, understanding, insight, wisdom, innocence and purity as both these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Spiritual warriors of Light. Good. If there is anything that you wish for in your Life right now, create a small invocation and allow the Beings of Light and your Beloved I Am Presence to assist you in this magnetization and manifestation.

Prior to heading to the UK, I was in Lisbon for three weeks. As many of you know, my children Benjamin and Caelin were abducted by my ex-husband and taken to Portugal in August 2012 without my consent or knowledge after organizing Portuguese passports for the boys, again without my knowledge. Although my case was officially recognized in South Africa as a Hague case, due to a two year financial agreement I had signed with my ex-husband, it was not recognized as a Hague case in Portugal. However, the National Central Authorities in Portugal, working with the National Central Authorities in South Africa, presented my case as a Hague case to the Family Court in Portugal in April 2013. The Family Court decided based on this financial agreement, which stated that my ex-husband would provide for the children, whether they lived in South Africa, Portugal or any other country, that he would be able to keep the children. We then appealed this decision, and in August 2013, the appeal went on our favor. The High Court in Portugal ruled that this “financial agreement” was not valid and that in order to decide whether or not this was a Hague case, they would need testimonials from friends and family. Due to the false allegations of my ex-husband, which started initially with me allegedly being a drug addict, alcoholic, staving the children and locking in the rooms without food or water, not vaccinated the children due to religious beliefs and other such things, the appeal for my Hague case is dependent in a large part upon my witness testimonials. The initial request for witness testimonials to the National Central Authorities in South Africa in November of 2013 was not acted upon there was no law in the Children’s Act that could take this request forward. A Letter Rogatory was then sent in March 2014, requesting the subpoena of my witnesses to the local courts to give testimony on my behalf and now, almost a year later, I am still waiting for these official questions from the Portuguese court in order for my witnesses to appear in our local magistrates court, and until these questions are received, my case cannot be heard as a Hague case.

For the first nine months following the abduction of the boys, I had no telephonic contact and these telephone conversations are still almost non-existent. On June 14th, 2013, three and a half weeks after the Portuguese court order that I should be allowed interim contact with the boys, I was able to briefly speak to Ben for the first time since August 2012 via phone. Apart from the couple of hours I got to spend with Ben and Caelin in Portugal in early January (2013), I had not been able to get hold of the children, despite my numerous attempts via phone and requests via email. I saw this as the first step in reconnecting with the boys, and yet, I was nervous as I am not sure how the boys will react, and it also meant connecting with my ex-husband. As I thought about the boys, I wondered if they would want to speak to me, what their Dad may have said to them about me “disappearing” from their lives, and how we would connect again given their possible confusion and issues of abandonment and/or blame. I had envisaged us chatting on Skype, laughing together as we had done so often, and letting them know how much I Love them, and want us to be together again. I had told them previously when I saw them in January that I wanted them to come back home to me in South Africa, but their Dad wanted them to stay with him in Portugal, so we had to let the court decide on what would be best for them, but to know I Love them very much, that I miss them and that I want to be with them always.

As my ex-husband had not added me to Skype, I called from my mobile phone to his in Portugal, and yet again, I was doubtful that he would pick up the phone, as he usually let it ring and then go onto voicemail. So it was with both surprise and relief that the phone was answered, although no-one said anything but I could hear the boys in the background. After a little while, Benjamin came to the phone. It is difficult to connect with young children over the phone as they do not have a good sense of your energy, which is why I so wanted to see them on video. “Hello Anrita”, Ben says. I realize I am no longer mommy. This title now goes to the girlfriend, who they call “mommy”. “Bennie, it is mommy”, I say. “I Love you, I miss you so much, I think about you every day”. And then I hear my ex-husband in the background prompting Ben to say things. Ben then says, “I don’t want to come to South Africa. You hurt me every day. I was sick everyday”. I say: “Bennie, I have hurt your heart, I am sorry that I I have not been able to speak with you, but I Love you, I want you and I want Caelin. I look so forward to seeing you”. I then ask “where is Caelin?” “He is with his mommy and doesn’t want to speak to you”, Ben replies. Caelin comes to the phone for a minute, shouts something inaudible and disappears again. Again, my ex-husband starts prompting Ben to say these really hurtful and untrue things about me, and I say “Bennie, stop repeating what Pappy says, I want to speak to you”. Then the phone goes dead.  

I am participating and yet observing this situation. I feel such deep sadness that the children are being used and manipulated and have become the victims too in the roles that my ex-husband and I chose as persecutor and victim respectively. I am so very heartbroken, and I allow myself to feel this pain, imbued now within the Flames of Divine Love, soothing, healing, and loving. As the celestial sonic vibrations I hear constantly increase now in frequency, I am given deeper understandings as to these events. I see how we get caught in the roles we have chosen in our pre-birth agreements; caught in the drama, in the anger, in the pain, hatred, revenge and blame that we hurt others around so very deeply. How our own betrayals and hurts go so deep that we need to blame others and/or punish ourselves and in so doing, take a very long time to understand the lessons we have chosen for our Soul growth at the personality level, and the healing of our Soul wounds. Some of us forgot for a time that this was just a role. We perfected the victim and persecutor consciousness and through the veils of illusion, forgot that our Beloved I Am Presence is center stage, guiding us ever upwards into the Light. For me, this shift occurred when I chose to no longer blame my ex-husband, acknowledge and accept my pre-birth agreements and truly experience my pain, my Soul wounds, without denial and without shame.

In October of 2013, when my ex-husband knew I was coming to Portugal in January and February of 2014, he presented charges of sexual abuse to the Family Court in Portugal, stating that I allegedly sexually abused the children. And following this, the few times my ex-husband has answered the phone, the conversation has changed and Benjamin now shouts down the phone: “What do you want Anrita? I haven’t forgotten what you have done to me. You put your vagina in my penis and you did the same to Caelin. You did this every night. You are a bad person. I don’t want to speak to you”. Over and over this same conversation occurs, like a broken tape recorder, and then the line goes dead. I can’t get a word in, and have to raise my voice to be heard, but it doesn’t matter, Ben doesn’t hear me, only what he has been prompted and brain washed to say over and over again.  Although I am heartbroken listening to this, my bigger concern comes for Benjamin and the trauma that is being created through my ex-husband’s anger and desire for revenge. In putting his selfish desire to hurt me before the needs of the children, he is hurting the boys, and for this reason, he can no longer be a guardian to the children. His parental alienation of the boys has caused all of us deep pain and I stand now as the Spiritual warrior, in compassion, but moving forward with the Overlighting of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High to that perfect Now moment, when I will be reunited with the boys, to that perfect Now moment when justice will prevail.

Forgiveness and letting go of blame took a little time ~ the fiery energy of the Mother came forward wanting to protect her children, wanting to spare them this abandonment, and false belief that I no longer cared for them or loved them, but in time, the Priestess was able to take me into the deep understanding of how this journey has created a pathway of Light for all humanity. And my grief and pain are soothed in the Love of all creation and this is my guiding Light in this Golden Age of Light. I continue to connect with the boys every night in Soul Consciousness, letting them feel my Love at this Soul level. I connect to at times with my ex-husband and his girlfriend, and let them know that I Love them and I forgive them, as I Love and forgive myself. More than this, I am sorry that I was not able to see my ex-husband when we were together, to appreciate him and Love him in a way that he would have liked to have been loved, and I am sorry that I too was not able to experience this Love and appreciation with him.

In January and February of this year, I was in Lisbon for seven weeks, and for the first five weeks I was not able to see the boys and my ex-husband did not answer the phone. He later told the court that he had changed his number. I felt very much like the weather at this time, experiencing a wide range of emotions. It rained a lot, was windy often, and I found it difficult to be in a foreign country with only the briefest grasp of the language. However, my gift of reading people’s energy came in useful. As I activated my third eye with intent, I could read the energy of others enough to translate it into a language of understanding, although when I did this too often, I would get a headache. While I was waiting, I found my way around the Metro, made friends with the local shopkeepers and found a yoga studio a few doors down from where I was staying. I also hosted a couple of workshops with our wonderful Portuguese Soul family and friends of the Light, and kept myself generally pretty busy, but it was so very difficult to be in the same country as the boys and not to be able to see them.  I was determined to see the boys, and with my lawyers ended up having a meeting with the Public Prosecutor of the Family court. Following this, a Parental Conference was set up, and although my ex-husband came forward stating that I was a danger to the boys due to his new allegations of sexual abuse, the Judge ordered visitation rights at a shopping center close to where my ex-husband lives. I would catch the Metro, the bus and then a taxi, with the journey taking me close to an hour and a half to get to the shopping center. I was so very excited to see the boys, but greatly disappointed that my ex-husband refused to leave the table and found it very difficult to connect emotionally with the boys. These visits were around two to two and a half hours, and I saw the boys four times. Each time I would say something, he would contradict me and to be in his energy was so very difficult, to say the least. On one of the visits, I said to the boys: “Ben, Caelin, Mommy loves you very much. I called you every day but Pappy did not pick up the phone”. My ex-husband interjects, saying: “Stop lying, you never called them, you don’t care about the boys.” The last visit I had with the boys was a Saturday before I left on the Monday. My ex-husband refused to let me take pictures of the children and I could see he was ready for another confrontation. I wanted to broach the subject of the allegations of sexual abuse with the boys, letting them know that this was not true, and to take them back into the memories of our nightly routine of reading stories, of playing, of singing and so on, as they got ready for bed. As I brought this up, saying to Bennie:” Ben, Mommy has never hurt you, or done anything to you and you must know this in your heart. I Love you very much and I am sorry that you have been hurt. Do you remember our evenings together, how we………………..” At this point, my ex-husband interjects and turned to Ben and said: “Tell Anrita what she did to you?” Ben starts shouting, saying how I allegedly sexually abused him, and did the same to Caelin. Over and over. So, I say: “Hush Bennie, it is OK. You don’t have to say this anymore.” But it continues and my heart overwhelms with pain and sadness. It is time to go, and the boys won’t let me hug them, but wave good-bye as I begin my journey back to Lisbon.

In July I was back in Lisbon for three and a half weeks. This time the energy felt very different for me. I was strong, a Spiritual warrior and sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love, and there was a familiarity to my surroundings as I was staying in the same place as I had earlier in the year. I found to my surprise, I could understand a lot more in Portuguese than I had perhaps given myself credit for, and that although I was still speaking in broken Portuguese, I could generally be understood. And the same shopkeepers, friends and yoga teacher greeted me with enthusiasm, and the weather was warm and lovely, and walking about was a pleasure. More than this, my lawyer had met with the Public Prosecutor and my ex-husband’s lawyer and my visitations to the boys in the public shopping center was already set up. I had also requested social services to be present, so that I could spend the time with the boys on my own, without my ex-husband and this also worked much better. The two ladies would sit at a table not too far away, and I would play with the boys, doing face painting, reading, drawing and deepening our connection. There was also a play area that we could pay to go into, and the boys enjoyed this too. However, the connection with the boys was not easy. They did not trust me anymore. Ben was angry, very angry and Caelin was initially sad and then angry. The first time I saw Caelin, he said to me: “Where have you been?” I have had no contact telephonically with Caelin at all, and my heart broke into little pieces once more as this sweet innocent child wanted to know where his “Mommy” had been, and why she no longer loves him. There were moments where the boys just played as boys and moments when they completely ignored me or were very angry with me. I had brought with me a beautiful little book, which I read for the last ten to fifteen minutes of each visit. It was about a Mother’s Love, feeling it a silvery blanket, wrapped all around them, tickling them from their heads to their toes, and wrapping them in my Love. I told Ben once more he did not have to keep repeating what he was saying about me, that it wasn’t true, but he was determined that what he was saying was true, and told the social workers too, how I had sexually abused him and Caelin and also how, I had been in jail for the bad things I had done to him and Caelin. When the social worker asked why he thought I had been in jail, he told her that his Pappy had said so, and that I was a bad person.

I also appeared in a preliminary hearing on the charges of sexual abuse, and the Public Prosecutor ordered the psychological profiling of the boys at a Psychiatric Institute in Lisbon specializing in cases of sexual abuse. At this time, we are still waiting on this report, as many places close in Portugal over the summer holidays and it is my great hope that I will hear more in September and that I will be cleared of these charges so that we can move forward with my Hague case pending the questions for my witnesses in South Africa. While it seems that a great level of injustice is still being experienced, for me, this is a turning point. I have a sense that the court is seeing the reality in which my ex-husband is operating at this time, along with his parental alienation, his lies and false allegations. I will be returning in early November, and it is my great hope that the possibility of having my Hague case may occur at this time. The financial agreement I signed with my ex-husband has long come to pass, but until the resolution of my Hague case comes to pass, I will not get the boys back unless my ex-husband agrees to their return to South Africa.

And so I am patient, knowing that they will come back home. It has taken me some time to clear their cupboards. I was holding onto their clothes, their toys, their energy, so certain that I would have them back with me now, and each time I have had to let go of their things, it has been so very heartbreaking. And now, I am magnetizing their return. I am creating a playroom for them. I am starting to buy new books and little toys as I know the time is coming soon, when I will be reunited with my beautiful boys, so they will know my Love, so they will know I have always loved them.

The last country I visited prior to heading back home was Egypt, where I went for nine days on a family holiday, spending time with my sister and her family in their holiday home in Marassi, near Alexandria. It was quite a journey to get there on its own, as I passed through four countries, two days of travel and around four hours sleep in this time. I was wondering about the Light work that I would be called upon to do at this time, as I know by now, every country, every place we found ourselves in, is not without reason. I thought perhaps I might work with the etheric library in Alexandria, or continue the work of the Diamond Flame through the Great Pyramid in Cairo; in some ways perhaps what I was to experience was a blending of all these energies through the essence of the Divine Feminine in this war torn Middle East. The first couple of days I drew upon the energy of the water, the sea, as well as the Moon. Although the Moon had passed it peak of power, there was still a lot of power coming from the Moon following the Super Full Moon on August 10th and in Egypt, she glowed an interesting red and orange color many nights in a row. I needed these energies to ground, as well as my usual morning routine as the complex and surrounding areas were so noisy. I felt like I was living next to a highway, and the cars speed by like they were on a racing track. Music played all night and the only quiet time I found was between 5am and 8am, when there was a stillness in the air not tangibly experienced at any other time.

On the evening of my fifth night in Marassi, Isis appeared to me at the Moon Goddess. For Isis, known as the Goddess of Great Healing, the Lady of the Words of Power, the Divine Queen, the Great Goddess and Mother of Creation, brings forth the healing and activation codes that ignites the Flame of Divine Love within our hearts, and the re-emergence of the Planetary Goddess of Light.

She appears before me now, and surrounds me in her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light. She is dressed in a beautiful white flowing robe with gold embroidered symbols across this robe ~ she has magnificent white wings, and wears a vulture headdress combined with cow-horns encased in a solar disc.  I find myself drawing upon the energy of the Priestess and energetically creating now my garments of Light, a beautiful white and silver robe of Light, with hieroglyphic symbols across my robe personal to me. I further have a crown upon my head and the symbol of the six pointed star, the Star of Melchizedek embedded with this crown and sandals upon my feet. As I draw upon the energy of Isis, I find myself reciting: “Isis, mistress of magic, patron of mothers, the eye of Ra and Lady of Heaven, I ask to be taken into the remembrance of the teachings of Light, of the Left Eye and Right Eye of Horus. I draw upon the energy of Sirius as I further invoke the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light to guide me ever deeper into the timelines of Self Mastery, and how I can be of Service in this Now. I experience the Christed Timelines as I surround myself in your sacred Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light, and now the Pink Flame of the Sisterhood of the Rose. I move from darkness to Light, from victim to victor, from suppression to freedom. Let me always serve in the Light, moving beyond the veils of Illusion, beyond the veils of the night.”

She holds within her right hand  a healing staff, embedded in beautiful amethyst and rose quartz crystals, and I find myself bowing my head, as she taps me three times upon the crown chakra with this healing rod of Light. I find myself traveling timelines, into greater remembrance of being an ancient scribe, working with hieroglyphics and magical words of power, and as a Priestess in ancient Egypt, often coming back to the timeline of Akhanon and Nefertiti in 1500 B.C.

The following night, Isis appears to me once more, and after an invocation and drawing upon my power as a Priestess, Isis places around my waist the Buckle of Isis, a ceremonial buckle resembling the Yoni - the female genitalia. This time, as I travel, I find that I am taken into lifetimes of the suppression of the Divine Feminine and my karmic past lives and how they have impacted me in this Now, and I will share this story with you another time precious hearts.

I was still wondering what the intent on a Planetary level was for the Light work in Egypt although I was started to get a very good sense that everything I had experienced was creating a pathway for the activation of the Divine Feminine aspects of Creation. On the last night I was in Egypt, Isis appeared to me once more, but this time she was dressed in black and veiled. I understood from her I would be experiencing an Initiation of Death and Rebirth. I am dressed too now in black, with a black crown upon my head. In her left hand, Isis now held up the Ankh, representing the unity of spirit and matter and the key to Immortality. As I bow my head now, Isis activates the rear 3rd eye chakra with the Ankh. Surrounded once more in her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light, we travel together now through many Temples of Light in ancient Egypt along the river Nile, and I find myself traveling too through the Sephiroth, the Spheres of the Qabala, moving now through the Middle Pillar of Equilibrium and entering into a Black Temple, a Temple of complete darkness. Although I was Overlighted by Isis and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, I sensed I was not alone.  As I walked towards the center of the Temple, having a sense of an octahedronal space around me, I saw before me a Priest. I understood that I was to merge with this Priest, to experience an energetic tantric activation, that this Priest and I have been together in different lifetimes, and in this Now, we were re-activating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Portals of Light through the Middle East, so that as women, we would Love all men, and that as men, we would Love all women, transcending our pain and coming together in union, as One Heart, One Mind, One Unified Cosmic Heart.

As the Priest and I magnetically gravitate towards one another, lifting our hands with outspread arms so our palms touch, I hear myself saying:

I Am Isis,

the Divine Queen, and Mother of Creation.

I Am She who takes away your pain,

That understands your grief,

That consumes your anger,

That sees your strength and courage.

I Am She that accepts you,

That appreciates you,

That Loves you.

I Am Isis and I shed you of your weakness.

I Am She that bows to the Divine Masculine,

I Am She that embodies the Divine Feminine,

I am She that wraps you in wings of Light,

That takes you into the Golden Solar Sun Disc of Light within your Heart,

That activates the Crystalline Matrix of the New Earth Templates.

I Am She that shows you the pathway of Divine Love,

In Unity,

One with Mother/Father God,

One with All Life.

Two golden cobras now emerge from the darkness as the Priest and I merge energetically, activating the kundalini and tantric channels. As the kundalini energy moves up the body, I feel his lower chakras activate. His desire, his pain, his hatred, and his rage at women. I feel my pain, my rage, my desire too, and then as this transmutes, we activate the heart chakra, merging into the Solar Sun Discs of Light within our hearts and becoming One with the stars, with the Sun, the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun. Becoming All That Is. I am aware too that we are breathing together, and activating the ankh in a way that we did in ancient Egypt. Breathing through the tantric channels up to the heart chakra, and circling the ankh around the body and back into the heart chakra and allowing this energy to spiral out to the front, to the back, to the left and then the right side of the body.

I notice now that we are surrounded in the beautiful Diamond Flame of Transcendence and this beautiful Diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness now activates through the Great Pyramid of Giza, and once again, moves out in particular Fibonacci ratio spirals through many of the Middle Eastern countries and into Israel and Palestine, activating once more the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes of Light.

My work here is done, and I find myself now being guided through Melchizedek’s Golden Chamber of Light into the Halls of Amenti. And this too, my precious friends, is a story that I will share another time.  

It is dawn now and I have been in meditation the entire night. I feel refreshed though, and ready to leave and head back home.

As I mentioned, I will be heading back to Lisbon in early November. Following this, I will be traveling to Melbourne and Auckland to meet with our Australian and New Zealand Soul family and friends of the Light and to host the new teachings on the Diamond Light Body/Merkaba activation of Melchizedek Consciousness. I will send out further details on these workshops in due course, but if you may be interested in reading more, please click here.

My precious friends and family, the biggest gift we give one another is truly loving one another unconditionally, forgiving and letting go of blame. When we can embrace our pain, we come into compassion and we can embrace the pain of our brothers and sisters through compassion and Love as we see through our Master eyes at all of Life around us. This indeed when we create the pathways of Divine Love for others to follow. And this is why we are here as volunteer Souls in this new Golden Age of Light. We are the wayshowers, the Light Bearers, the sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story precious hearts. My story is yours, as together we walk through the karmic timelines into the Christed Timelines and the knowing of ourselves as Love. Know too that I draw upon your support and Love, and that you have made me stronger.

From my Heart to your Heart, to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

Blessings in Love

Anrita Melchizedek

Friday 8 August 2014

Precious hearts,

I invite you to listen to this live transmission for the 08-08 Gateway of Light, co-facilitated by myself, Anrita Melchizedek and Meline Lafont at the Tor, in beautiful Glastonbury, England. Although there is some background noise, it is a powerful meditation focused on the activation of the Diamond Flame of Transcendence, the integration of our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits and the Portal of Peace, worldwide and over the Middle East.

It has been such a wonderful day in feeling our sacred heart connections through the Unity Grid as we come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart.

Wishing you all a most magical 08-08 Gateway of Light.

Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek



Live transmission from the Tor in Glastonbury with Anrita Melchizedek and Meline Lefont ~ (music following transmission by Aviva Ohm. Background music by Michael Hammer).





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