Wednesday, 25 January 2023

New Earth Quantum Consciousness Activations




New Earth Quantum Consciousness Activations

With Anrita Melchizedek

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

$33(Approximately €29.50/£27.00/R550)


Saturday January 28th – 12pm PT, 1pm MT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET, 8pm GMT

London/Lisbon 8pm, Johannesburg 10pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 7am (January 29th), Auckland 9am (January 29th)


Beloved hearts, in the infinite, eternal Now moment in which our consciousness continually ascends, and the space therein where all dimensions present simultaneously through the heart of Love as we merge with and become our Higher Selves and future Selves as Multidimensional Beings, this is the energy of Quantum Consciousness and that which we call New Earth.


Quantum Consciousness expresses with wisdom, knowing, power, freedom, Love, tranquility, bliss, Unity, softness, geometries, magic and more, as we align to our Soul, Higher Selves and Beloved I Am Presence. When we show up as the Light of God We Are, as sacred Flames of Divinity, as pure Divine Love, in complete trust and surrender to our Universe.


As we go within and connect much deeper to our Self, we expand beyond the lower frequency bandwidths and deep ego deaths. With this, our Christed Light and Crystalline Consciousness radiates from within, and within each sub-atomic particle within our beingness, as we create our outer realities in matching dimensional frequencies of consciousness and Light.


We are shifting collectively as the Light Tribe, into the next level of our magnificence, our radiance, our Purity and our Divinity, taking on new Service Roles and continually ascending and raising our vibration. As these codes of Divinity, of our Innocence and Purity, connect into each sub-atomic particle within our Beingness, we journey from Star Seed to Soul Seed to Star Being and then Source Light.


To reach this level of Quantum Consciousness beloved hearts, requires commitment and dedication and “time” to activate the Light Codes within our bodies and energy field, and to become our Light Bodies.


It requires that we go within, and sleep/meditate to awake. It requires that we “take time for ourselves” and be out in nature. It required that we observe our behavior and continually work on ourselves. It requires the surrender to Self and the Love of Self.


To deepen into New Earth and Quantum Consciousness, we are offered the following attunements and activations:


Attunement to our Divine Presence

As we recognize the Divinity Within, we activate the Divinity Codes of Soul Embodiment, of Divine Presence. We merge with our Multidimensional Selves, Higher Selves, and deepen into timelines of Self Mastery


Frequency Elevation

As we attune every deeper to our Soul Light within, we dissolve and collapse the old into Unity Consciousness, as we unravel and clear all that is not aligned with our Universe and Higher Light. 


3D to 5D and Beyond – Consciousness Expansion

We continually ascend in each Now moment. As we attune our consciousness to the higher dimensional fields of Light, we sense where we are energetically through the ability to observe all that presents within our Universe with detachment, understanding, compassion and Love.


Photonic Light Soul Light Expansion and Zero Point

Our Soul Light is Photonic Light. As we attune to Zero Point through the activation of the Stargate of our Loving Hearts, we go deeper into the ever present Now moment where all is expressed through the stillness of the Loving Heart and the wisdom of the Higher Mind.


 Soul Aligned Choices Create the New

From this space of heart centered highest aligned choices, as we attune to our inner reality, we match our outer reality through the vision of the third eye and activation of the pineal gland. We further deepen into the support of Soul and Star family and friends of a resonating frequency, energy, vibration and Light.


Attunement to the Field of Christ Consciousness

From the heart of Love, we attune to the field of the saints, masters, guides, Angels and Galactics, and all those we acknowledge, to deepen our wisdom and knowledge and bring through “new” levels of remembrance for all Souls.


  Co-Creating with our Universe

Imagination is all we need as Co-Creators to the Divine. As we attune to the feelings of gratitude, appreciation, joy, abundance and passion from within, we map the reality of our Highest Potential and Quantum Jump into each timeline that presents as highest aligned to deepen our Service work to Gaia and all her Life.


Light Body Activation

We attune to the Golden Light as Christ Consciousness, along with the Rainbow Hues, Diamond Light and Plasma Rays to experience our Photonic Crystalline Rainbow Light Bodies.


As our bodies releases the “inner struggle” of pain, trauma and discomfort, this allows for our Soul, which is our Light Body, to fine tune the DNA and raise our vibration, the atomic spin within the cells. With this, we embody our Soul’s Light ever deeper with sound, color, sacred geometries, fractal geometries, numerologies and the like.


These “quantum” building blocks from within release the density through the spin of the cells as we become our Light Body.


Becoming the Stargates of Divine Love


We further create the Stargate Systems from within and from here, link into the Stargate Systems/Vortices of Mother Earth.


Additionally, we activate the Stargate of the Loving Heart, Perineum Stargate and Solar Plexus Stargate.


This is such an incredible and magical journey we are on together as the Light Tribe to Mother Earth and all her Life.


Join with us in this powerful masterclass beloved hearts, of invocations, affirmations, and healing tools as together we co-create New Earth, as One Heart, One Love and One Unified Field of Light.















I Love You.




Anrita Melchizedek

Voices of the Light Tribe






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