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Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse - Journey Between New Earth and Old Earth and Gateway to Lemuria


Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

Journey Between New Earth and Old Earth and Gateway to Lemuria

Beloved hearts, a powerful alignment to the Galactic Center occurs in this Now moment as we experience the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19/20. This eclipse is a rare hybrid between an Annular Eclipse, where you can see a ring of fire around the Sun, and a Total Eclipse, where the Sun is completely blocked. This moment presents an opportunity to view all within Old Earth we need to release and let go off, whilst expanding ever deeper into New Earth.

While the cycles of Ego Death and Rebirth amplify in this month of April, with the Resurrection and Ascension Codes igniting from within, the gift of the New Moon Solar Eclipse is to expand the Golden, Diamond and White Light of our Beloved I Am That I Am, in alignment to the Sun and Moon and Plasma Light frequencies, offering closure, as well as releasing grief and anger, guilt and shame, as we transcend all that no longer supports or holds true and deepen into New Earth.

Additionally, this Gateway brings through much more of the Lemurian/Gaia Frequencies of the One Heart through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, as we deepen into Divine Alignment with our Universe and dream our “new realities” into Creation.

In this Now moment, our Soul Light embodies more deeply, as we expand our beautiful Loving Hearts with dreamy frequencies and Photonic Light, slowing us down and taking us into Zero Point.

In this Now moment, we activate our “Merkaba’s” to expand into the fifth dimension and beyond.

In this Now moment, we collapse old timelines, dissolving, letting go and releasing all Old Earth energies of separation, false beliefs, and judgments.

In this Now moment, we shift dimensionally, letting go and letting God.

Each act of Love, of Conscious Awareness, Compassion and Understanding, deepens our Purity, our Innocence, and our Light. As we expand our Consciousness to experience all that is Highest Aligned, and relative to our Divine Blueprints, we attune ever deeper to the Christ Consciousness field, and experience new Perspectives, Knowing’s, and Understandings of All.

This Gateway too, offers the opportunity to clear anger, grief, judgment, anxiety, old hurts and pain. Additionally, it is an opportunity to expand our beautiful Soul Light from within, and to clear karmic timelines, not only for ourselves, but for all Life upon this sacred earth, so together we may truly experience New Earth.

We can do this with the Unified Heart Merkaba activation. As we activate our Merkaba fields at the time of this Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse, we clear karmic timelines through the beautiful Golden, Diamond and White Light of our Beloved I Am Presence.

We further bring a focus to the Golden Sun within our hearts as we receive and transmit the energy of Christ/Crystalline Light through the Lemurian/New Earth Gateways. As the timelines merge in this Now, we are taken ever deeper into New Earth and into the ability to manifest all we need as co-creators to the Divine.

So, we get ourselves comfortably relaxed now, as we head into this Hybrid Eclipse as One Heart, One Love and One Unified Field of Light.





I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,

and all other Beings of Light I personally acknowledge,

as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence, and the Beloved I Am Presence of every man, woman, and child upon this sacred earth.


Surrounded in the Golden, Diamond and White Light of the Beloved I Am,

I find my Self expanding into the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

As the sacred geometries, sound and color frequencies activate from within,

I connect to the Light Workers, Starseeded One, and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this Golden Age of Light.


I now experience the Unified Heart Merkaba activation,

as I deepen into my Loving Heart,

initially sending my appreciation and gratitude and Love to all within my Life.


The star tetrahedron now activates within my original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint,

within the perineum center,

as I clear the karmic timelines no longer necessary to experience,

rescinding and breaking any and all vows and contracts,

 created in this lifetime or any other lifetime/parallel realities,

and all incarnations for all time, space and dimensions that no longer serve my Highest Good.


As I release, let go and energetically move beyond Old Earth,

clearing lower density vibrations and frequencies,

collapsing and dissolving lower timelines,

I bring a focus to the Golden Sun and Golden Flower of Life that expands from within my Loving Heart,

into a beautiful Golden Sun and Golden Flower of Life sphere 54 feet in diameter around me.

And now within this, I visualize a beautiful Silver-Gold Sphere 10.8 feet in diameter around my body.

I now visualize three super-imposed star tetrahedrons within this Silver-Gold sphere of Light,

all the exact same size, superimposed over one another.

I now spin my emotional body star tetrahedron in a clockwise direction within this Golden Sun and Golden Flower of Life,

at the same time spinning the mental body star tetrahedron in a counter clockwise direction,

as I recite the following Fibonacci ratios and God speeds of Light:

8/5, 11 times God speed to infinity,

13/8, 22 times God speed to infinity,

21/13, 33 times God speed to infinity.

34/21, 44 times God speed to infinity.


And now, my Merkaba activates to the fifth dimension and beyond,

as I bring a focus back to my Loving Heart,

and expand now ever deeper into the Lemurian New Earth Gateway,

at the time of this Eclipse,

ever deeper into Soul embodiment,

ever deeper into alignment with my Universe,

and ever deeper into Zero Point,

to the Conscious Awareness of each Now moment.


I now align into the inner Earth Sun, the Sun within my Loving Heart, the Sun, the Central Sun, and the Great Central Sun,

as I receive from my Universe through the Lemurian Gateway,

the Resurrection and Ascension Codes that activate from deep within,

as I merge now with my Lemurian Higher Selves, Multidimensional Selves and Future Selves.


I now experience a Pineal Gland Activation,

so that I may fully remember and embody my magnificence and Light,

as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.


As I have a sense of the cerebrospinal fluid moving up and down the spine,

the kundalini energy igniting and moving from chakra to chakra,

I feel and sense this now within Gaia’s Light Body and through the Unity Grid of Divine Love,

as I further feel and experience the Heartbeat of Gaia.


I now have a sense of the star tetrahedron activating within the Light Body of Mother Earth,

As I assist in wrapping Mother Earth and all her Life in this beautiful Golden, Diamond and White Light,

and now the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Patterns of Perfection.

I assist in clearing each country I am drawn too,

of karmic energies no longer needing to be experienced in this Now.


And now, as the kundalini energy continues to gently rise through my chakras,

I focus on lifting the star tetrahedron through each of my chakras,

As I experience a deeper sense of Divine Love, Unity, Peace and Harmony,

and now the integration of the Hybrid Eclipse Light Codes,

of confidence, courage and passion,

as well as new levels of leadership, manifestation and co-creation.



I now find my Self back in my sacred space,

grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth,

and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

I am a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love,

a volunteer Soul to Mother Earth and all her Life.

I choose New Earth,

trusting and surrendering to my Universe,

trusting and surrendering to Life.

I Am All That I Am.




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