Tuesday 10 October 2023

10:10 Gateway Special and Masterclass with Anrita



The 10-10 Gateway of Divinity and Equilibrium

The 10-10 Gateway offers an opportunity to expand Divinity within through the beautiful pearlescent flame of the tenth ray of Divinity.


The tenth ray of Divinity holds the perfect balance of the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom, allowing us to Be the Divine, Holy Light of God that We Are as we experience a new balance and equilibrium through the Will of God, the Wisdom of the Higher Mind and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.


Under the influence of this ray, we move beyond the veils of illusion and limiting perceptions of reality, as we experience a synthesis of all past, present and future probably realities in this Now through the merging Christed timelines. As we deepen into Zero point to experience the infinite and eternal Now moments, we compassionately view our Life lessons and perceived challenges with deepening levels of acceptance, trust and surrender. We further embody into our Beingness higher dimensional aspects of Self through this beautiful pearlescent Flame of Divinity, and the knowing that our Divine Self within recognizes the Divine Self in all those around us.


It is in this Now moment that we further access the hidden knowledge viewed through a Cosmic Lens of our Beloved I Am Presence. For the tenth ray of Divinity unlocks the Akashic Records and allows the knowledge of our Highest Potential through the Hall of Records to be revealed as karmic timelines integrate and then dissolve as we re-write all from this Now moment. This sacred knowledge, which can be described as "a vision across the Abyss" is only given to a true Master; one who has transcended the perceived limitations of this earth plane, removed the bands of forgetfulness, and one who remains within the loving heart.


Through this Gateway, we take on greater Ambassadorial roles as these Flames of Divinity and wayshowers to this sacred earth. We are offered an opportunity to deepen our connection to our Beloved I Am Presence and Mother/Father God by going into our Heart's Temple and seeing what needs to be loved and nurtured within and through the three-fold flame expand our loving hearts.

Enjoy the gateway beautiful heart.

This 10:10 Gateway Special Offer Package has a wonderful Akashic Records Transmission and transcribe, plus the Akashic Records Workbook and Journal in PDF format, along with ten beautiful Akashic Records Access Symbols.

The Akashic Records Workbook and Journal has an Invocation to Access the Akashic Records. In this invocation, you receive an Akashic Records Crystal which you place within your heart chakra. Within this Crystal are the Symbols to access the Akashic Records. You can then intuitively work with choosing one or more of your Symbols, and this is what you will work with now.





 Divine Sophia Love Codes and the Lotus Throne

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Two Hour Zoom Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

$33(Approximately €29.50/£27.00/R550)


Saturday October 14th – 10am PT, 11 am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET, 5pm GMT

London/Lisbon 6pm, Johannesburg 7pm, LA 10am, New York 1pm, Sydney 4am (October 15th), Auckland 6am (October 15th)

Beloved hearts, we are in the midst of extraordinary changes in this sacred month of October as old timelines collapse and the Golden Heart of Compassion and Love expands upon this sacred earth. With this, the kundalini energy of Mother Earth roots more deeply through our Light Bodies as we flow as One, whilst the dance of the Divine Alchemical Marriage of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits merges into new levels of fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies of Light.


Along with deepening levels of Self Love and expanded Presence of the Beloved I Am, amplified through the 10-10 Unity Gateway, the “Ring of Fire” Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse October 14th and the Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus October 28th, this month is indeed kundalini activating, heart expanding, lotus blossoming and a re-union of hearts, on both the inner and outer planes.

Eclipses in general are catalysts for letting go, transcending and dissolving old earth frequencies, judgments and false beliefs, and we are already seeing the Golden Heart, as our collective Universal Heart, expanding with recent world events of great conflict, as we open our hearts in deepening levels of compassion and Love.

The October 14th New Moon Solar Eclipse amplifies all that is Soul aligned, as well as the possibility of partnership, the ability to let go of old relationships and wounds of the past, and the expansion of our service work and new opportunities as we deepen into Zero Point and the heart of Divine Love.

We have been spiraling through the upper chakras as we clear the lower chakras, to expand the Golden Heart, and express through the throat chakra new levels of our Service work as Divine inspiration alights, passion ignites, creativity expands, and we birth anew creations of Light.

In this beautiful Masterclass, the Sisterhood of the Rose come forward to assist us in the rebirthing of the Divine Sophia Loves Codes as we expand into Zero Point through the Golden Heart, and from here, activate the Lotus Throne and Love Codes.

The Lotus Throne is a beautiful Red, Orange, Pink and Diamond Light Lotus Flower holding the original Divine Blueprinting of these Love Code. It ignites from the perineum stargate and into the base chakra as the Kundalini activates and rises from chakra to chakra.

The Lotus Throne further expresses through the Lotus Petals of the Chakras, from the base chakra, which has four petals through to the crown chakra, which has 1000 Petals.

As the Lotus Throne unfurls the Lotus Petals through the chakras, we breathe deep into the body to release and transcend and ignite these Petals of Light. We then bring a focus back to the 12 Petals of the Loving Heart, that ignite in this Red, Orange, Pink and Diamond Light to reveal the Divine Sophia Love Codes Overlighted by the Sisterhood of the Rose.


These Divine Sophia Love Codes are:




Soul Alignment

Divine Love



Divine Inspiration and Passion








The Divine Sophia Love Codes are then anchored and activated through particular energetic points within the body to amplify these frequencies, and with this, we bring in the Sisterhood of the Rose Divine Love Andara frequencies to amplify and expand all that is experienced with beautiful affirmations and invocations.


Called ‘The Crystals of the Masters”, the Andara are multidimensional elemental beings, assisting us as sacred flames of Divinity to connect multidimensionally and expand our consciousness. They express atomically and monatomically in connecting us to our multidimensional Selves and Higher Selves and timelines of our Highest Potential, as well as synchronizing our work flow in both the dream state and awakening states for greater levels of joy, passion and purpose and much more.

The Andara Crystals take us deeper into our loving hearts and streamline our work focus and spiritual goals. They assist us to communicate more deeply with others, as well as animals and nature and share with us different ways to expand our consciousness.


Lastly we experience the Spinal Column ignite as Photonic Diamond white Light, as we merge with all Divine Feminine Christ aspects of ourselves, in the knowing that we are the Light of God, that we are the sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love living New Earth.

Join us beloved heart in this powerful light encoded transmission that takes us ever deeper into the fifth dimensional Zero Point templatings of Divine Love and ever deeper into loving and nurturing of Self.


Benefits Include:

Activating the Light Codes of Divine Love

Expanding into Zero Point 

Activating the Kundalini 

Aligning into the Original Divine Blueprinting

Releasing and transcending all that no longer needs to be experienced

Receiving deep wholeness/healing frequencies

Deepening the connection to the Sisterhood of the Rose


Deepening into Self Love


This is a live zoom, and recordings will be available, video and audio, with and without background music.










Anrita Melchizedek

Voices of the Light Tribe




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  1. Salutation Dear Master
    I've sensed it too !
    I wanted to thank you for your ability to put it in wonderful words !
    Unfortunately not being able to connect Slavery Monetary System and the Co-Creators of the
    New World I won't be able to pay the membership.
    But I assure you I will be focus on all our Forces for this Ascension process !
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